Straight Bets | How to Bet them: How they Work

Gamblers spend more than $700 billion dollars per year gambling on sports! More than $100 billion is spent in the United States alone and the numbers are expected to keep rising. Sports gamblers love what they do for a variety of reasons and winning money is certainly high on the list! Everyone wants a shot at striking it rich.

We could all use a little more money and sports gambling presents a way to make that money in a very quick period of time. Of course, there is risk involved, hence the word “gamble”. Betting on sports is just that; a gamble. Whether or not you win or lose is not always up to you. You can certainly be prepared for the sport and teams that you are betting on or against, but guarantees do not exist. Some folks like to live dangerously, and they risk money they can’t afford on games that have no real chance to win. Why the madness? If you are serious about winning money, then you must educate yourself to what is smart betting and what is not smart at all.

The good news for sports gamblers; there is a wealth of free betting information on the internet. If you are not utilizing this free information, you should be. Who wants to lose all of the time? Losing gets old very quickly and it makes you not want to gamble.  Learn how to gamble on sports the right way. Learn what teams are the best and what players give you a greater chance at winning. You must learn the ins and outs of gambling and you must always be prepared.

Gambling on sports is like any other hobby. You would not take up golf and expect to become a good golfer if you only play once a month. Getting good at anything takes practice. You musty study the game, learn the game, learn the tricks of the trade and then put practical know-how, to good use.

There are many ways to bet on sports and there are literally dozens of sports and sporting events to bet on. The number one rule of thumb when starting a sports betting hobby, is to focus on one or two of the major sports, such as the NFL or MLB. Both of these sports are not only fun to bet on and fun to watch, but they are also lucrative; you can win a lot of money.

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Why do gamblers like to bet straight bets?

It’s safe! Betting a straight bet means that you are betting the outcome of one game on one event and one team or player, nothing more nothing less. You are not betting any type of combination, you are not betting a parlay, a round robin, or any type of teaser/pleaser bet.


What events and/or games can you bet straight bets on?

There are many events, games and individual players and sub-forms of betting that you can place a straight bet on. Look at some of the Examples:


  • A single game in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, college football, college basketball, auto racing-including but not limited to, -head-to-head matchups and “to win” outright, golf and tennis, and the same terms apply to both golf and tennis.


  • Any sport that has a first half, second half, quarters and on occasion, even innings; you can place a straight bet.


  • You can place a straight bet when betting the “live lines” or what is known as “in game wagering.


  • Props, futures and exotic bets. Most online sportsbooks offer the ability to place a single straight bet on all of these types of bets.


  • Totals. Your bookie will offer the ability to wager a straight bet on the total score. If you prepare correctly and know how teams play each other, this is a very lucrative form of betting straight bets.


  • Moneylines. Betting the money line is a very popular way to bet the NFL. Placing straight bets increases your chance of winning by ten fold over even a 2 team parlay.


Tennis, golf, and auto racing are great sports to bet straight bets on. You have a wide variety of options and again; it’s safe. You can bet on individual players and drivers and you can bet on as many as you like. The straight bet means that you are betting on one player or driver to win the match/race and if they are the winner at the end of the day, then so are you.

As sports gamblers know, betting is not always easy, and you must look for an edge. Getting that one straight bet to come in can be difficult enough, but to make it a parlay or teaser is even together. For this reason, sharp players usually stick to straight bets.

Nearly every online sportsbook on the internet today follows the general accepted guidelines of what is known as “vig” or “vigorous”. This is the “juice: or commission that is attached to a line that is being offered from the bookmaker. The standard rate is .10 cents and is added onto every dollar. The numbers behind a line being offered will look like this:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. San Francisco 49ers

(Tampa Bay + 5.5 -110) (San Francisco -5.5 -110)

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In this example the 49ers are the favorite to win the game and if you bet them, they must win by six or more points in order for you to win the game. The juice is -110 or in terms of money, -$1.10. This means that you must play $1.10 to win one $1. Betting on ones side (SF) or the other side (Tampa), this is called a straight bet.

There are literally hundreds of ways to bet straight bets on sporting events. There are simply too many to cover here. Be sure to check out the “how to bet” section of your favorite online sportsbook and be prepared for whatever sport that you decide to bet on. Knowing how to bet is the key to winning.

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