Super Bowl LIII - Get Your Action Now

We are just a few short days away from the biggest and most bet on sporting event in the US. I am talking about the Super Bowl. Sure, eating wings, drinking beers, and watching commercials is a highlight for many of this sporting spectacle. And while that highlight may be great for some, you may occasionally find yourself looking for a little more from the game. Let's say you couldn't care less about the teams involved, commercials are meant to be fast-forwarded thru anyways, and wings and beer are your normal Friday night. If you are tired of the tried and true Super Bowl party then maybe you want to spice up the game a little and throw a few bucks of action on the game. 

How To Bet Super Bowl Props Wisely and Have Fun (and Not Blow Cash)

Last's year Super Bowl produced a third consecutive year of record handle for Nevada sportsbooks at over $158 million dollars and that doesn't even account for the millions wagered in the offshore industry. Want to get your piece of the action but don't live in one of the states that currently allow legalized sports betting? Then why not take a look at one of the oldest and most reliable shops of the offshore industry in Intertops

Intertops has everything you could want for the Super Bowl with odds for the big game as well as over 400 listed props for you to choose from. They are also offering a huge 50% Super Bowl deposit bonus so you can be sure to get the most bang for your buck.

So you've decided you want to take your shot at Super Bowl riches and Intertops is the obvious choice. The next question to come should be about how you open an account. Opening an account is easy and can be accomplished in the time you will waste watching a round of Doritos and Bud Lite commercials. 

Where to Go - The Road To Glory

You'll want to visit Intertops website. Once on the site, look in the top right corner for the green button that says sign up.  Next, you'll want to click on one of the green pop up boxes that say Get Started. Your Intertops account gives you access not only to one of the most loaded sportsbooks you will find but also gives you action at the poker tables and plenty of Las Vegas style casino games. 

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After you select to get started you will be prompted to provide your country you reside before clicking to start registration. You will need to provide an email address, username, and passwords before moving to the next step. You will then need to follow with details regarding your name, address, zip code and so forth.  Make sure you are accurate with your details as they are important when you go to cash out your winnings.  After that, your account is set up and you are ready to fund your account. 

Funding - Your Fortune Awaits

Once you have created your account, you will want to get funded so you can start making plays.  Again, go to Intertops website but this time look to the top right to log into your account.  Once logged in, look toward the top of the page in green letters and click Deposit. After you click deposit, you will have several options available to fund your account. Select the one that best fits your needs (Bitcoin remains the fastest and most efficient) and you are on your way to Super Bowl glory. That's it, you are set up, logged in, and funded. Now go play some sharp action and bring home a winner.

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