Survivor: Winners at War | Episode 9 Preview and Predictions

With not much going on in the sports world, we’ve made our Survivor coverage a weekly event.

In these weekly features, we’re going to recap the previous episode, preview the upcoming episode and update fans on market movements in the Survivor 40 betting odds.

Survivor: Winners at War Episode 8 Recap

Who Got Voted Off: Wendell Holland

Votes: Tony (Wendell), Kim (Wendell), Sophie (Wendell), Sarah (Wendell), Adam (Wendell), Ben (Wendell), Jeremy (Wendell), Denise (Wendell), Tyson (Wendell), Michele (Adam), Nick (Adam) and Wendell (Adam)




Episode 8 was jam-packed with non-stop action.

It all started with the first of two Edge of Extinction (EoE) Battle Back challenges.

Tyson ended up winning the challenge, but Boston Rob was only a few seconds behind him. Maybe it was the peanut butter that propelled Tyson to his Battle Back challenge victory.

Next up was the merge feast where Denise made a mistake in my opinion. She let the entire tribe know about how she blindsided Sandra and that put a big target on her back.

Back at camp, there was growing talk of the “big threats” alliance.


Survivor: Winners at War S40E8 April 1, 2020 - This Is Where the Battle Begins


Tyson and Ben talked about the alliance by the well. The alliance includes Tyson, Ben, Jeremy and Tony, but it’s likely only a matter of time before these four turn on each other.

There were some early talks about targeting Denise in the episode. However, the immunity challenge rewarded the winning female (Denise) and male (Jeremy) with safety and a fire token.

After the immunity challenge, most of the chatter was about voting out Wendell or Adam.

Jeremy did his best to sway the tribe to vote out Adam, while Sophie made a quiet push to ensure that Wendell would be the player going to EoE, as she didn’t like the Jeremy/Wendell friendship.

When it was all said and done, Wendell was voted out (9-3).


Survivor: Winners at War Episode 9 Preview

At the end of every episode, Survivor airs a promo for the upcoming week.

This week’s promo showed that Nick was out for revenge after being left out of the previous vote. He mentions Sarah’s name (Big mistake!) and she finds out that he’s talking about her.

Sarah isn’t someone I would want to mess with right now if I was Nick and that’s not just because I have her as one of my two picks to win Survivor 40. She doesn’t play any games.

Do I think Nick goes to EoE at this week’s tribal council? No.

What would I love to see happen in episode 9? I would love for Sophie and Sarah to solidify their alliance and then try to get Nick/Adam onboard, as they have no one else to turn to.

If they could keep things quiet, a Sophie/Sarah/Nick/Adam alliance could go deep into the game. My picks (Sophie/Sarah) also need to be weary of the growing “big threats” alliance.

I mentioned in last week’s preview that Wendell and Adam were in trouble.

Wendell is now on EoE and Adam is on the brink of being voted out. However, will the tribe give him a break this week and target a bigger threat? Denise and Nick are both going to be options.

It really depends on what happens at the immunity challenge, though.

With lots of fire tokens and advantages still in the game, look for those to start being used.

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Survivor 40 Winner Betting Odds Update

My Picks: Sophie (+750) and Sarah (+900)

I made my predictions last week and unfortunately Sophie is now available at 9/1 odds. Sarah has stayed at 9/1 odds. I would jump on these two women if you’re looking to bet on Survivor 40.

The favorite, Tony, has shortened some more. He has gone from +115 to +100.

Tyson, who is now back in the game, is priced at 12/1 odds. I actually don’t mind him at those odds, as he has seemingly fit back into the “big threats” alliance, which could see him go a long way.

I hope everyone listened to me and didn’t bet on Natalie last week. She was priced at 6/1 and many expected her to come back from the EoE, but she lost and is now available at 14/1 odds.

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