The Gambler Report-Betting Meets Bars

The chaos known as Christmas has finally come and gone.  Heres hoping most were able to squeeze out a little yuletide cheer with a few NBA winners between plates of food.  And while Christmas is fun and everyone needs a little time with friends and family its time to get back to business. That business is sports betting and there is plenty of work for everyone.  The NFL is approaching week 17 with a few postseason spots to be determined. The College football bowl season continues to plug along as we head toward the end of the year. The NBA and NHL continue to grind along in their marathon seasons. And the legal gambling waves continues to sweep over the US as new stories and potential states seem to emerge almost every week.  Let's dive right in and take a quick look around the industry in this week's edition of The Gambler's Report

Tennessee's' Game of Skill

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slattery III recently released an opinion that sports betting can actually be considered a game of skill. This opens the door for HB0001 which could lead to some action on the capital floor.

Governor Bill Lee shared his concerns during his final debate in his bid to win the Gubernatorial of Tennessee.  He believes organized betting frequently develops into organized crime. He also believes it generally has a negative impact most often on those with the least income.

The bill would place a 10% tax on sports gambling for a variety of local projects. It also would not be a state-wide mandate but rather puts the decision into the hands of local governments.


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Booze, Beer, and Bets

Speaking of Tennessee they, along with Washington DC have begun exploring the possibility of allowing sports wagering from bars.

In the Rocky Top state, Shelby County Commission recently voted to ask the Tennessee General Assembly to allow sports betting bars on Beale Street. Sports betting in the United States has largely been done within the confines of casinos and racetracks. That could change as things begin to further expand within the US.

Various establishment within Washington, D.C. have also begun exploring options to potentially bring sports wagering to their establishments. Kind of makes sense from a complementary standpoint.  Local bar owner Fritz Brogan was asked about looking into offering sports betting. "It would be stupid for us not to look into this."  He also hopes the local business are allowed feedback into the process of licensing.

Offshore Report

A quick look at payout reports here as we quickly approach the end of 2018 shows everything generally going as stated in the payout department.

Did see a report involving DSI and one of my least favorite book practices.  The player deposited and took a large bonus with a substantial rollover.  Somewhere in the process, the player claims his limits at the book were lowered to useless levels and therefore they were holding his funds hostage as he had no way to complete the rollover.  This happens from time to time with books and is a garbage practice.  A book has every right to decline the player's action but in situations like this, there should be some form of prorated payout based on the amount of rollover completed.

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