The Gambler’s Report 7/11/2018

Another week in the world of punters across the land and with it brings plenty around the industry to cover. Major League Baseball has announced rosters for their All-Star game set to happen next Tuesday. The World Cup is at the semifinal round with plenty of upsets to be found. And of course, the continued expansion of legal sports betting to various states around the US is still an issue that is constantly evolving. Let’s dive right in to take a quick look around the industry in this week’s Gambler’s Report.

World Cup 2018: A European Final

The World Cup Final is rapidly approaching and many of the favorites are gone. Germany is long gone, Argentina and Brazil have bowed out and what we are certain to be left with is an all European final. France secured their spot in the final by defeating Belgium 1-0 in their semifinal. The remaining finals spot will be determined between the winner of England and Croatia. France will be favored over either England or Croatia as they were among the favorites entering the tournament at 6-1. Pre cup odds had England at 20-1 and Croatia at 30-1. France is the current favorite to take the Cup home.

See the semifinals details

MLB All-Star Teams Announced

MLB has announced their 2018 All-Star teams and while their will be plenty of changes and additions as players drop out and are replaced it is always nice to look at the initial roster makeup of who was selected by the players and the fans.

Astros 2 nd baseman Jose Altuve was tops overall in votes received with 4.8 million while Freddie Freeman led the National League with just over 4 million. The Indians, Red Sox, and defending champion Astros lead the AL squad with each team getting 5 representatives. The upstart Braves led the National League with four players including 2 starters.

It’s the all-star game so there will be plenty of talk of who should have missed out, who got snubbed and so forth. One of the great stories for the game though revolves around 34-year-old Nick Markakis making his first trip to the mid-summer classic. Markakis is in his 13 th season in the big leagues and while always a good player has never had the power or consistency to really be considered an all-star. Trivia fact, Markakis has more hits (2,165) than any player without an All-Star appearance.

Stars aren't aligned as Astros host Athletics

Offshore Report

A quick look around the industry at some payout reports show everything generally going within stated time frames. Saw a few complaints regarding BetPhoenix books and disagreements on terms of rollovers associated with bonuses on deposits. Reading thru appears the players may have missed a few points in the print before making their deposit. Always be certain you are 100% familiar with all terms and services when depositing for bonuses. This includes payout limits, timeframes, and any related rollovers. It is never fun when you think you got a nice payout coming and go to withdrawal from your book only to be told that you still have a large rollover to complete that you thought was substantially smaller.

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