The Gamblers Report 8/29/2018

The college football season officially kicked off for gamblers around the world over the weekend and we already have our first double-digit dog upset. MLB's season has reached the 30 game point as we quickly approach the playoffs. The team from Hawaii took down the Little League World Series. And the group of states accepting legal sports wagers looks to add another as West Virginia is set to begin accepting bets on September 1st.  A quick look around the industry lies in the following in this weeks edition of The Gambler's Report. 

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The college football season officially kicked off Saturday with a marginal slate at best. But for gamblers its football nonetheless and the status of these teams will never prevent us from firing if we feel we have a winner. This is why punters love the football season is there is so much action to fire on with so many teams around the nation. 

NCAA vs. NFL Betting Strategies

Hawaii closed as a +17 point underdog at most shops when they jumped all over Colorado State early and held on to win 43-34. Colorado State opened as a -14 point favorite but was bet up to -17 to -17.5 before kickoff. The Rams can't feel good about their season projections after this embarrassing loss.  A perfect example of why many disagree with many line movement indicators when they're placing their wagers. 

Sportsbooks Banning Sharp Money?

ESPN recently did a piece detailing a practice known to many smart gamblers. This involved books no longer taking their action or severely limiting them in markets they think they have an edge. This controversial practice is often seen as books only wanting losers, recreational, or players that cannot win. This is a tough one as books argue that they are in business and therefore allowed to maximize profits but I don't view it as this simple. These books are awarded specific state licenses and free competition is not really allowed except between the already existing players. These books have every advantage already with vig being in play but many seemed determined to squeeze every last cent and be lazy with their bookmaking. They could just as easily focus online adjustments and use these sharp players as a basis for where they currently are with the market but instead take the easy way out. This does not apply to all books of course but seems to be becoming a more common practice.  

How to Bet Teasers

This has been common practice in the offshore industry for many years as many players that are known or thought to be winners are often shown the door or limited to smaller wagers in comparisons to their normal bet. Pinnacle is one of the offshore books that takes a lot of sharp action but they also adjust their lines accordingly.  

Offshore Report

Quick look around the payout reports and see nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone appears to be getting paid quickly from all the major and known smaller shops. Bitcoin remains the fastest way to deposit and get paid. Only issues are coming from books I've never even heard of. Does lend to the advice of always be sure of where you are depositing and do your due diligence before making any moves. 

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