The Gambler's Report- Down Goes Saban

Another week in the world of gambling flies by and what an exciting week it was with plenty of action to go around. The aura of invincibility surrounding Nick Saban and Alabama was shredded to pieces by the Clemson Tigers, as they annihilated the Crimson Tide to win the National Championship 44-16. The Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs has come and gone, and don't look now but last years Super Bowl Champions seem to be gaining a little steam and a little luck. The NHL and NBA are around the mid-point of their long regular season grinds and the playoff pictures are starting to come a little into focus. And finally, legalized sports betting continues to dominate the landscape as talk continues of who will be next to offer legalized sports betting the United States. Enough bouncing around here lets dive in and take a quick look around the industry in this week's Gambler's Report.

Favorites for 2020

The confetti has just finished falling from the rafters of Levi's Stadium as Clemson closed out an undefeated season to take the National Championship. And while its all good and fun to celebrate a National Title (especially if you were holding a winning ticket), it's never too early to start looking toward next season. Clemson will open the season as the favorite to repeat at +180. They are joined by, you guessed it, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide at +250. The favorites are followed by two perennial powers that were absent from this year's playoffs in Georgia and Ohio State who are both listed at +1200. Guess it time to start the countdown clock again until college football.

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The Legalized Sports Betting Wave

Sports bettings spread and legalization continues to dominate the headlines in sports wagering circles. Legal Sports Report has compiled a list of states that are most likely to approve legal sports wagering in 2019. The list is headlined by a group that already has some form of a bill on file, including Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee.  They then follow with a group of other states likely to move, this list includes Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and Massachusetts.  These represent the states to track early in 2019 but there is always the chance of wild cards coming out later in the year.

More Than Just Revenue

Virginia state lawmaker Mark Sickles sponsored a bill that would add a 15% tax on sports betting in the state. He acknowledges that revenue from taxing sports gambling will not be as lucrative as some think. "My main purpose is to take something that's currently being done illegally and get some tax revenue from it." At least he appears to have a realistic viewpoint on the potential revenue stream.  Now being a politician you have to hope that greed does not ultimately set in.

The Offshore Report

A quick check around payout reports for January shows everything mostly going out within scheduled time frames. Bitcoin remains the most efficient payout and deposit method with times often stated in hours.

Did see a few negatives with players appearing to get a run around from smaller shop  If one player complaint proves to be true then they are citing some pretty obscure rule on what percentage of your action has to be on the full game vs half games. Please be sure you read ALL rules before depositing your hard-earned money.

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