The Gambler's Report: Illinois ready for sports betting?

Another week flies by in the world of gambling and plenty is happening to keep punters of all levels on their toes. MLB's international season opener is just a week away as the Mariners will host the Athletics in the Tokyo Dome for a two-game series on March 20-21st. The remainder of the slate will kick off on March 28th.  The NBA season is quickly approaching the playoffs and despite their recent slide in play, the Golden State Warriors remain overwhelming favorites to hoist the trophy. A little tournament known as March Madness is set to kick off as Selection Sunday is right around the corner. And of course, the spread of legalized gambling throughout the United States continues to be a major headline as various states continue to push legislation in an attempt to legalize sports betting in their part of the country. So stop reading bubble watch reports and let's stop to take a quick look around the industry in this week's edition of The Gambler's Report. 


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Knock Knock, Who's There? It's March Madness

Everyone's favorite bracket tournament has finally arrived. Conference tournaments are playing out this week and we are just around the corner from the madness. Hopefully, you got your request in for that first Thursday and Friday off as work fails to compare to the true gambler's paradise that is the opening days of March Madness. Betting estimates for the year should easily exceed previous numbers as more people are drawn in with the ability to legally wager on sports at various states around the US. Will be interested to see what type of handle New Jersey brings in as they have led the pack in volume among the states that legalized early. 

Illinois Ready To Go?

Illinois is one of several states currently considering legalized sports wagering. Governor J.B. Pritzker is backing the plan and anticipates up to $200 million for the state in revenue. There is still plenty to figure out including where it will take place, who gets licenses, how much to tax bettors and whether to dip into the lucrative online market. The governor's initial plan calls for 20 licenses issued sold for $10 million a pop. This would be a major market if able to legalize and would set precedent for other larger markets. The legislation is expected on the governor's desk sometime in May. 


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Iowa College Betting Issues

Betting on college sports remains an obstacle to expanded gambling within Iowa. Rep. Vicki Lensing is planning to resubmit an amendment which would exclude betting on college sports. They are attempting to protect minors who they believe are more likely to be influenced by temptation and additional pressure. 

Offshore Report

A quick look around payout reports for March shows things generally going out within stated timeframes. As usual, Bitcoin remains the fastest option for both payouts and deposits with many payouts being handled in hours as opposed to days or weeks. And make sure you always do your due diligence when looking to deposit into a book.  It's hard enough to win, don't gamble with where your funds are being held and who you are playing with. 


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