The Gambler's Report: Past The First Month of Football

Another week passes by for punters around and we are all cylinders go with things for bettors to fire on in the sports world. MLB playoffs are pushing thru as we rapidly approach the division championship series. We have passed week 7 on the college gridiron and we had a major upset in the Red River Shootout as the Texas Longhorns upset the #7 Oklahoma Sooners 48-45. The NFL breezed thru Week 5 and we have a new career passing yards leader as Drew Brees broke Peyton Mannings record with a 62-yard touchdown pass to Tre'Quan Smith. And the changing environment of sports betting in the US continues to evolve as books see the potential revenue numbers achieved by their first full month of operation during football season. A quick look around the industry below in this week's edition of The Gambler's Report. 

Almost $17 Million In Deleware?

Deleware reported $16,830,101 in revenue from wagers for the period of August 27th thru September 30th.  This is over double the numbers did in the previous period with a handle averaging $481k per day versus $276k in the previous period. Operators generated $3.15 million in revenue for the period ending 9/30. This obviously shows the effect of football season, which is far and away the most popular betting sport for Americans. 

While these numbers are promising for Deleware with its limited number of operators, it pales in comparison to New Jersey. Jersey took in approximately $100 million in wagers just for the period ending in Augusts and figures to put up substantially bigger numbers for September and beyond. A combination of a substantially larger population and a lot more operators both physically and online. NJ will also almost certainly outkick the number of wagers and revenue on a per capita basis compared to Deleware as well. 

NFLPA Integrity Concerns

The NFL Players Association has said it has concerns about the NFL's ability to protect the integrity of the game following the expansion of sports betting. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith recently told ESPN "the league has not taken the steps he believes are needed to protect the integrity of the game." He points to league policies that allow owners to have investments in bookmakers, fantasy sites and such. He states "After the league's testimony, I actually have more concerns about their ability to ensure the integrity of the game than ever." My guess would be he sees some potential revenue streams(player data) and needs to figure out how best to get the players involved in getting their share. 

Offshore Report

Taking a look around a few payout reports reveals everything going out as planned for October so far. Payouts generally being reported in hours as opposed to days or weeks from those using Bitcoin. Did see a couple check payout reports taking a few weeks which is pretty good for those still doing it the "old school" way. 

Not on a book but see what looks to be a pretty substantial price increase from Matchbook exchange. Looks like some of the heavy volume guys are going to be popped the hardest. Hopefully, this doesn't run off some of the whales who are often responsible for making these exchanges worth anything.

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