The Gambler's Report: Predictive Gaming Lounges

Another week flies by in the world of sports betting as bettors have a full slate to choose from almost nightly. The NBA is out of the all-star break and ready to tackle the home stretch. The NHL is in a similar spot as teams view for playoff spots and positioning. College basketball royalty got a scare as all-world NBA prospect Zion Williamson sprained his knee in a loss to rival North Carolina. Not only did the Blue Devils lose the game and number 1 rank but now the arguments being made that Zion should go ahead and bypass the rest of the season to prepare for the NBA. And the wave of legal gambling in the United States continues to spread as various states continue to put bills forth in hopes of getting their piece of the action. Enough of the overview, let's dive right in and take a quick look around the industry in this week's Gambler's Report.


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The Kings First

California may not have legalized gambling yet but the Sacramento Kings will not be sitting around and waiting to give fans a predictive experience. Beginning March 17, when the Bulls come to town fans will be able to place free "predictions" on game outcomes in the Kings Skyloft Predictive Gaming Lounge. May not be for much now but it lays a nice test run for analytics when the state finally gets on board with legalization. 

Minnesota Will Handle

A Minnesota rep is looking to break the normal mold of how sports betting is taxed. Thus far, all regulated sports betting markets in the US have levied taxes based on gross gaming revenue. The Safe and Regulated Sports Gambling Act of 2019 in Minnesota proposes a .5 percent tax on the overall handle. 


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The representative contends this will make the tax more predictable and stable as normal revenue can be volatile on a year to year basis. It will give casinos a boost in years where they are successful but be a burden on years that may not go quite as well. 

Rhode Island Mobile

The Rhode Island Senate voted to approve mobile sports betting in the state. A similar House vote is expected later this month. Following in the initial popularity of the land-based shops, it was only the next logical step to move toward mobile based. 

The bill would require sports fans to register for an account in person before having access to the app. Users will then have the ability to wager on both college and pro sports (minus teams from Rhode Island) anywhere within the state's borders. 


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Offshore Report

A quick look at a few payout reports shows everything still going out generally within stated timeframes with most notable shops. As stated numerous times, Bitcoin remains the fastest way to both deposit and receive payouts with many payouts reported within hours as opposed to days or weeks.  

Have seen a few complaints of players having disputes and issues with some obscure or small books many have never heard about. Leads back to advice to always do your due diligence and know as much as possible about who you are doing business with before sending your hard earned cash.

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