The Gambler's Report: The Big One Is Here

The week flies by as we sit a few days away from the mecca of sports betting in the US. I'm talking about Super Bowl LIII, which is set to kick off on Sunday as the New England Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams. Beer, wings, and gambling galore are on the menu for Sunday as the big game is finally here. And while the Super Bowl will dominate the headlines over the course of the weekend, there are plenty of other happenings going on in the world of sports and sports gambling. The NBA continues its grind along the regular season. Anthony Davis let the Pelicans know that he was not planning on resigning and would prefer to go to the Lakers. College basketball is heading toward crunch time as the Tennessee Volunteers currently sit as the #1 team in the nation. And the legal wave of sports betting continues to spread as several states are in various stages of trying to legalize following the Supreme Court decision. 

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Super Bowl Handle

A recent survey by the American Gaming Association (AGA) indicated nearly 1 in 10 American adults will place some form of wager on Super Bowl LIII.  If this holds true, we are looking at over 22.7 Million people placing wagers on the Patriots vs Rams. Nevada sportsbooks alone look to set a record handle for the fourth consecutive year as books look to surpass the Eagles/Patriots hand of $158.6 million from Super Bowl LII. And while the Vegas handle is impressive it dwarfs in comparison to the staggering amount of money bet with local bookies and offshore betting shops. Estimates show totals will be in the billions, yes billions, wagered on this Super Bowl. 

State Sports Betting Updates

Super Bowl talks aside, there is still the oncoming wave of states that continue to look at potentially legalizing sports betting in the state. 

Minnesota Senator Roger Chamberlain is pushing forward and looks to introduce a bill sooner rather than later. Chamberlin acknowledges the underground market stating "Right now it's been underground and there are people doing it already." 

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Arizona recently rolled out their first sports betting bill. S 1158 would allow the state's gaming tribes to offer land-based sports betting within their casinos. The bill would also allow the installation of kiosks or other electronic devices inside of bars and other liquor-serving establishments. 

Hawaii also got in on the fun filing H 1107, which would create a Hawaii Sports Wagering Corporation. The bill charges the new agency with regulating and operating the Hawaii sports betting industry as a whole. 

Offshore Report

All generally quiet on the payout front as books tend to be flush with cash this time of year. Most I am seeing tends to be going out within stated time frames with many going out early. The real test will be February as volume tends to drastically drop off after the Super Bowl. As always, BTC remains the fastest option for both deposits and withdrawals. Make sure and do your diligence before sending your hard earned funds offshore for the big game. 

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