The Gamblers Report- The Future of Watching Sports

Another week has flown by in the world of sports betting, as punters all over the US continue to have a full menu to fire at almost daily. The NFL is down to their final four, and it's an exciting conference championship game to be had with huge totals on both games. The NBA season continues to plow forward and those taking James Harden props with over have to be feeling pretty good about themselves as the Rockets forward continues on a monumental tear. And the sports betting landscape in the US continues to be dominated by talk of who will be next to legalize. Let's move past the idle chatter and take a quick look around the industry in this week's edition of The Gambler's Report.

Here Come The Networks

NBC Sports in Washington will produce an alternate broadcast for 8 Wizards basketball game that are going to be catered to gamblers. This will include a free to play predictive contest along with real-time sports-betting data and stats. This includes odds, spreads, over/unders and various other betting related graphics that will be displayed over the course of the game.

The predictive contest will ask approximately 30 questions throughout the game including individual point totals and such. Nice job to NBC as this sounds like it has plenty of potential.

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Christie on Federal Oversight

Good for former New Jersey governor Chris Christie as he continues to speak out against federal oversight for the sports betting industry. He says that states have proved that they can handle the job. Christie is best known for being at the forefront of New Jersey's long efforts to strike down PASPA.

Christie also called out the major sporting leagues for their hypocrisy as he urged lawmakers to continue to resist the urge to grant leagues "integrity fees". He also said they should not require the use of league data in sports betting. This was in response to the leagues longtime opposition of New Jersey's court case to offer legal sports betting.

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Offshore Report

A quick look around a few payout reports shows everything going on schedule with payouts across the various offshore shops. As usual, Bitcoin remains the most efficient way to receive payouts and deposit funds with many withdrawals reported within hours instead of days.

Still seeing reports of a mess with smaller shop  What started with an obscure rule most have never heard of to delay a payout has now moved into even more awkward territory. The player went to withdrawal and was pointed to a rule that requires that he bet equal amounts on full game wagers and half-time wagers and that he needed another 90k in wagers on full contests before being able to withdraw. I've been betting over 20 years with almost every major shop offshore and have never seen a rule that resembled this. He then began the monumental tasks of trying to complete such a huge rollover only to have his account limited to $1 per contest after 1 day. Hopefully, this books offers the player some reasonable solution but if I were spending my money this shop would rank near the bottom no matter how good the bonus.

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