The Gambler's Report: Time For The Touts to Own It

Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey day holiday as another week has passed and its time to get back to the business of sports betting.  Plenty has happened over the long holiday weekend for punters of all levels. College football has reached conference championship week and the stakes have never been higher for the Big 10, SEC, and Big 12. The college football playoffs are only taking 4 so the action will be intense for the conferences. The NFL has flown thru week 12 and there are a lot of teams fighting for a few open playoff spots.  Should make for an exciting home stretch down the seasons final five weeks. Phil Mickelson was also able to take home a $9 million dollar prize and a few side bets as he bested Tiger Woods needing four extra holes to secure the victory. And the gambling mecca of the US in Nevada brought a bill for regulation of what may be one of the most questionable industries in the US.  Let's dive right in and take a look around in this weeks edition of the Gambler's Report. 

Nevada Tout Crackdown?

Took someone long enough, but it's a start. Nevada Senate introduces a 16-page bill making a number of changes to existing gaming laws in the state.  At the very top of the said bill was an address pointed directly at some of the dirtiest players in the game, touts. Details were very slim initially but it would require touts to register with the state. It's a great first step as it looks to provide some level of accountability in the industry as it would require registration with state gaming regulators if they own or operate a tout service or have "significant involvement". 

I'm all for anything that sheds light on this industry.  Not allowing them to hide behind fake names and made up accounts every season would be a huge step toward full transparency in an industry that desperately needs it.  Now we can hope for getting an actual accurate track of some of these characters that all claim to never lose.   


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Tennis Match Fixing

File this one under things that are surprising to nobody that follows the sport.  Former top 50 player Daniele Bracciali has been banned from tennis for life as the Tennis Integrity Unit found him guilty of match-fixing. Fellow Italian Potito Starace, who is retired, has also been given a 10-year ban. The incidents occurred at the ATP 500 World Tour in Barcelona, Spain back in 2011. Glad to know they were able to catch this in a timely matter. 

Offshore Report

Payout reports for November generally look pretty clean with everything going within stated timeframes.  A few complaints associated with the volatility of bitcoin and losing money on the transaction but unfortunately that is par for the course with the currently unstable currency. Still remains head and shoulders above the way we used to do things as far as depositing and withdrawing funds.  

Youwager, on the other hand, has had a rough couple of weeks as first we saw some public complaints of account hacking costing players balances and now a large player balance confiscation of over $77,000. 

The dispute is one that has been made before. Youwager has told a player they are confiscating his balance of over $77k on the basis of a violation of the terms and services of the book regarding using bots. Now, does this player have a robot that sees the future allowing him to pick winners?  No, the bot is able to scrape lines from various books and get ahead of steam at slow-moving outs.  Will be interesting to see how this plays out as the book clearly took the bets and they allowed the player over time to build up a substantial balance before taking action.

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