The Importance of Choosing a Trusted Sportsbook

What’s the most important factor when evaluating online sportsbooks?

Is it a big bonus? No. Is it betting selection? Again, no. It’s trust!

If you don’t trust your online bookie, why even bother gambling? The online gambling industry has been around for more than two decades now, and take it from bettors, nothing is worse than losing money to an untrustworthy sportsbook.

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Whether they simply close up shop and disappear, or they try to flat out stiff you on your payout, it happens all of the time in the online sports betting industry. This is why it’s so important to place more value on the trustworthiness of a bookmaker over any other factor.

Choosing Trusted Online Sportsbooks

Today, we’re going to discuss why we rate HRWager as one of our most trusted sportsbooks here at, while also explaining how to perform your own evaluations.

Three main factors to evaluate when choosing a trusted sportsbook:


Word travels fast among online sports bettors. Reputation is everything. It takes years to build up a solid reputation in the industry, but it can be stripped away with a single bad move.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

How long has the brand been operating?

What’s the consensus on the bookie’s reputation among bettors?

Does the sportsbook have a long history of running a quality operation?

HRWager launched in December 2012 and has been running steady since. The company focuses on the US betting market, but they’ll accept bettors from most countries. With so many new bookies launching with no track record, HRWager is a trusted sportsbook with a great reputation.

Quality Customer Service

Have you ever tried to contact an online sportsbook and you couldn’t reach anyone?

Have you tried submitting KYC documents, but it takes weeks to get them approved, so you can withdraw?

Poor customer service is one of the top factors that frustrate sports bettors.

I like to know that I can consistently reach a support rep anytime I may need assistance.

Sure, I often don’t need customer service, but in the rare times when you do need support, it’s nice knowing that you’re betting with a trusted online gaming website that cares about their clients.

HRWager provides 24/7 support through live chat (Zendesk). Alternatively, you can contact through email (guaranteed response within 24 hours) or telephone.

HRWager Support Email:

HRWager Telephone: (833) 694-4268


More importantly than anything, I want to know I’m going to get my money when I win.

HRWager offers payouts through Bitcoin or money orders. Bettors can receive one free money order monthly for up to $2000. Payouts can be submitted through live chat or email.


Make sure you only bet with trusted sportsbooks. Don’t let an unbelievable bonus or promotion sway you to make a deposit at an online bookie with no reputation. 

If you want to start betting with HRWager, they offer a 100% free play for up to $1000 on every deposit. Plus, if you happen to lose, they also offer 10% gamblers insurance paid monthly. Check out our complete HRWager review for more details and a direct link to visit their website.