There is Money To Make Betting WNBA Totals

Another WNBA season is about to get started. No basketball bettors will not be flocking to get their action down on the WNBA, but there are many smart bettors that will start paying attention.

Because the amount of handle on the WNBA is so small, sportsbooks do not require their oddsmakers to spend a great deal of time to find the perfect number on the side and total. However, sportsbooks are not dumb either and years ago when sharp bettors were hammering them on 'soft' numbers on totals, nearly every sportsbook set limits on how much anyone could bet on a women's professional basketball contest.

How Straight Bets Work

Nevertheless, in spite of the safeguards, the books are still vulnerable on many days, especially those with three or more games and smart bettors can and do take advantage of them. The beauty of this kind of wagering is, you don't have to spend a single minute watching WNBA games, you just have to use basketball acumen, understand line movement, which leads to spot plays and bet accordingly.

Bet The WNBA By Focusing on Totals

As noted, those setting the numbers are not spending a significant amount of time in making totals. To start the season they will refer to last year's numbers, make modifications for roster changes and post a total. As more data becomes available based on games played, they will seek averages and add in current play factors, injuries and whatever else is readily available into each equation. 

A few years ago, it used to be if a total moved four or more points in either direction, that was sharp money or a noted WNBA handicapper taking advantage of a bad number. That number was hit hard and the books tried to adjust swiftly but were still left with exposure against wise basketball bettors. Sportsbooks wised up, became smarter in making sharper numbers and showed more patience in adjusting numbers.

The more intelligent way to wager today is to follow what is called - Reserve Line Movement (RLM). Of course, there are variations, but this handicapper looks for the tickets written off 67 percent or more (at least two-thirds), yet, the line is moving in the opposite direction. (Usually, 'tickets' is more important than 'money' when trying to determine public wagering.)

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Though not a believer the public is "always wrong", in the long run, this is essentially true. And when there is sharper action on totals going against the public's pick, it is best to on the side where the pros are versus Joe Average.

In order to develop a method of following WNBA totals to have consistency, check the morning lines on the day of the game (most betting action on the WNBA happens this way) and about three hours before the first contest starts to have a true and realistic evaluation.

For benchmarks, the total should move at least four points and 67 percent of more of bets placed should be the reverse side of where the total went. Annually, this hits in the 54 to 60 percent range.

Make sure you are ready to take full advantage of this sports betting opportunity to make money while others pass it by.

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