Tips For Increasing Bookie Profit on NFL Conference Championships

The NFL season is down to just three games. Anyone who bets on sports along with anyone who books those bets already knows that the annual Super Bowl is the biggest single-day betting event of the year.

Smart bookies also know that the two conference championship games leading up to the Super Bowl can be high revenue betting events generating even higher profits.

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Overall NFL Betting Options

The first tip for increasing both your revenue and overall profit for the two NFL conference title games is increased betting options. You may have upped the ante for the first two playoff rounds but you have to take things to an even higher level for these next two games.

The best way to build out that overall board is with Price Per Player as your pay per head bookie services site. The betting professionals at this PPH service have the experience and level of expertise to help bookies like yourself completely level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks when these types of high-volume betting events roll around.

None of the big books are resting on their laurels for a successful season to date. They are taking a very proactive approach to attracting sports bettors to their sites for these two big games. Price Per Player is always there to help you make the most of times like this.

First, the betting lines are delivered fast and sharp.

Next, the options will continue to expand as the week wears on. By the time the weekend rolls around, you can offer a NFL conference title mix that would rival what the biggest commercial online books have up on their betting boards.



Marketing an Expanded NFL Betting Board

Once you build out your NFL board to meet all of your current betting customer’s needs, you should have a plan in place to market that board. Simple communication with your customers is a rather simple task to achieve. However, you still need a professional online presentation that sets your private bookie service a cut above the rest. If your online betting site does not stand out from the crowd, neither will the services you offer.

In today’s online environment, you need to cut through the clutter to stand out as a full-service independent bookmaking operation that can offer a higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail.

Your customers will appreciate the added effort and online presentation while also admiring the level of professionalism that is always an important part of the mix.

Adding New Betting Customers

You can actually use the two NFL conference championship games to further grow and expand your customer base while also growing and expanding gross profits. One of the best aspects of running and managing your own private bookmaking operation is the ability to hand pick your customer base.


The added effort of expanding your NFL board while also enhancing the presentation can be used to market these games to a select group of potential betting customers. By working closely with Price Per Player, you can use your professionalism as a private bookie to attract the type of betting customers that best meet your business model.

Whether you like to work with recreational bettors that become extremely predictable in the betting style and habits, or you are seeking high rollers to boost your handle, Price Per Player can offer the necessary business support to put this plan into action.