Tips to Avoid Trouble Using Pay Per Head

Tips to Avoid Trouble Using Pay Per Head

Without question, pay per head (PPH) services are the best solution for starting a sportsbook or to bring a local bookie online. However, that doesn’t mean these solutions are perfect.

There are some tips I can share with you to ensure you have the best chance at avoiding pitfalls.

Selecting a PPH Sportsbook Solution to Work With

First off, you need to select a reputable PPH solution if you want to be successful in being a bookie.

●    Reputation: Any PPH solution that has been active in the industry will have reviews posted online from other bookies. Spend some time reading through these reviews.

●    Business Information: Who owns the company? Where is the company headquartered? How long has the company been in business? Find the answers to these pertinent questions.

●    Features: You’ll want to ensure the service you choose offers the features you require. While the majority of services offer similar features, some of the real cheap services skip some.

Avoiding Trouble Operating A Pay Per Head Sportsbook

You also need to consider the legalities of running a pay per head sportsbook operation. The laws will vary depending upon where you reside and they’re important to learn.

Most PPH services operate out of Costa Rica where it’s completely legal. However, you likely aren’t interested in moving to Costa Rica to set-up your sportsbook business.

Running an unlicensed sportsbook in the USA is illegal. However, thousands of local bookies have never run into legal problems, but it’s important to follow these tips.

Tryout your Pay Per Head Software

First off, make sure you know your customers or remain anonymous. One way local bookies get into trouble with the law is because one of the bookie’s clients notifies law enforcement.

This happens more often than you think, especially when someone is down a lot of money. You’d be surprised what some people will do in order to avoid paying a sports gambling debt.

Your options are to remain a small bookie and vet everyone you bring in. Or you can opt to remain anonymous, which isn’t difficult when you’re running a PPH sportsbook.

One way to avoid trouble as a PPH bookie is to be smart about collecting money. Don’t have dozens of gamblers send you wire transfers to your bank on a weekly basis. Not only is that a red flag that banks will notice, but it leaves an easy paper trail to follow for law enforcement.

The best way to send payouts and collect is with cryptocurrency. This method isn’t perfect, but it’s much safer and you likely won’t have anything to worry about when using Bitcoin or similar cryptos.

Running a sportsbook can be a risky business depending upon where you reside. However, if you’re careful and smart about the decisions you make, you’ll often be fine.

I know many local bookies that have been in business for decades without problems. Make sure you don’t get greedy and avoid issuing big lines of credit, as that’s when problems can arise.

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