Today Could Be Your Day

The NFL preseason football is underway and before you know it the regular season will be here. This time of year is great for punters of all levels as they are ready for action and books know this. The books are doing everything they can to attract the players to their shop so now is the time of year for plenty of bonus and promotions. One of my favorite promotions to look for in addition to deposit bonuses is contests offered. Many shops across the offshore sportsbook industry are offering different contest with big prizes to those looking for a little extra action on top. Let's check out a few of my personal favorites below as I will be spread out across the board in contests this football season. 

Often Imitated

I have seen a few shops recently advertising some type of online edition of the popular Vegas Supercontest. This contest has a pretty simple set of rules. Each week, contestants submit 5 picks versus the number from the NFL's weekly card. For each correct submission, you get 1 point, incorrect picks get zero. High score at the end of the season takes home the grand prize with subsequent places also receiving prizes. The number of entrants will usually determine how many places are paid. 

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A few books have advertised this type of contest but one of the books offering this for the first time I’m hearing a lot about is MyBookie. MyBookie is advertising a $150k minimum contest with the winning entry receiving a huge grand prize guaranteed of $100k. I have also heard rumors that BetOnline will be looking into one of these. Think you got the NFL figured out? Then this contest is a no brainer as the winner will take home a huge purse. 

Take A Trip

A few books are offering winners the opportunity to win a hotel, and airfare to beautiful Las Vegas. HRWager is having a deposit contest where the winners answer weekly questions for points with the high score winning the grand prize of a 3-night trip to Las Vegas with $1,000 for airfare and spending money. A nice contest with a quality deposit bonus. Who doesn't love Vegas?

Can You Outlast Them All?

One of my favorite NFL contests offered by various offshore sportsbooks is the Last Man Standing/Survivor contests. The premise is pretty simple. Each week you have to pick one team that simply wins their weekly game from the slate of NFL games. The kicker is that you can only choose each team one time. So you have to think about when you want to use teams like the Patriots because you never know when you will hit a week of coinflips. And just wait to watch the chaos ensue when one of the weeks huge favorites loses. Several shops will offer some variant of this season-long battle. 

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One of my favorite shops for a Last Man Standing contest is AmericasBookie. They host one annually and this year is no different. They have a $2,500 prize for the winner and the pool will not be quite as large as some of the bigger shops. Also, they have an excellent bonus and a deposit of $300 also gets you into their 33 club promotion. Where you select an NFL team and any week they score 33 points you win $333 bucks. Not a bad extra to give you something else to follow. I've hit it a few times over the years and its always a nice surprise. 

Where Should You Go?

While contests are not an end-all when deciding where you should deposit. They are a nice addition to add on when playing at offshore sportsbooks. Personally, I try to get in multiple a year as you just never know when you will get hot or lucky at the right time and take down a nice prize. I've hit some pretty decent free plays, trips, electronics, and of course cash prizes over the years just for doing something I am going to be doing anyway (betting). So my opinion is to spread your deposits when you can and take advantage of what the different shops have to offer. Good luck this year and I hope there are a few second-place finishes in your future.