Today’s NFL Free Pick | 2020 Pro Bowl

I usually don’t bet on the Pro Bowl or any type of All-Star game for that matter. The NBA All-Star game has become a total free-for-all, the NHL All-Star game last night wasn’t bad, but when Green Day steals the “trending” for the night, you know something isn’t right.

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with Green Day, but who else is ready for the Super Bowl? The best part about Super Bowl for me is the party. By the time the second half starts, if it’s a good game I’m yelling  like I’m there in the stands.

Do me a favor and comment your favorite Super Bowl party moment (on social media post or comment section below), it could be starring you, a friend or a complete stranger. Oh yeah… I’m here to give you a pick.


Game: NFC vs. AFC (2020 Pro Bowl)

When: 3:00PM ET, Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Where: Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida

Current Line: AFC -1.5   Total: 52.5

TV Coverage: ESPN, ABC


If you bet on the moneyline in this game, just flip a coin, because that’s all it is. If you want to bet on the spread, don’t! The only call to make on this game is on the total.


Are you kitten me right meow?

Your boy Joe works from home. Sweet little setup at the beach. Joe has ADHD and needs many stimuli to be productive. I always have something on... TV, sports radio, music … and in recent days it’s been the NFL Networks coverage of the Pro Bowl.



One thing I have noticed is how much fun these guys are having. No matter which team they are playing for, these guys are at the Pro Bowl to have a good time.

In the skills comp, all you could hear was chirping. Chirping when someone made an unreal catch, or when a QB airmailed a ball with no D-lineman pressuring him in a skills competition.

Bottom line is this. None of these guys want to hurt anyone. They want to get through this game without incident and take some time off before getting ready for next season.

The Pro Bowl Total is a Joke

When you consider this, along with the plethora of talent in the NFL right now, the 2020 Pro Bowl is ripe for A LOT of scoring. 52.5 is a joke.

There is a chance one team scores 50!

Betting the OVER at the Pro Bowl has not been profitable of late. Since 2010, the OVER is 4-5 with the UNDER cashing out the last 3 years and 5 out of the last 6. Last year, the AFC won 26-7… possibly pushing the total way down this year.

You can expect that young studs like Action Jackson and Deshaun Watson, and vets like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and other want to showcase what they have, and that’s not even mentioning those diva wide receivers and multi-talent running backs.

Sure, the defense will have a say in some plays, but a pick-six or two is also a possibly, adding even more scores to the total.

By no means is this a 5-unit play, but if you plan on watching the Pro Bowl today, put your unit on the OVER and keep looking to score! Don’t forget to comment your favorite Super Bowl party moment.

Today’s NFL Free Pick: 2020 Pro Bowl OVER 52.5

Pick by Joe Berra

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Our family gatherings were always based around sports, be it the National Football League, college football, baseball, hockey, basketball or lacrosse. My dad would take me to see the Islanders in their glory days of the 80s and that electricity sparked my love for sports, and it has only grown from there.

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