Top 5 Tips for Betting on Horse Racing

Whether you are betting the Kentucky Derby or the race card at the local track, these five tips for wagering on horse racing come to mind when picking out the winners. It is both a science and an art to know and understand which horses are a cut above the rest in running the race around the track on dirt and on turf.

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Handicap Your Odds on Horse Race Betting

You have the basic positions of which horses will win, place and show. Also, you have exotic positions referred as the exacta, trifecta and superfecta in a horse race. These positions are bets within the particular race in the daily card. They all have money pools as part of the para- mutual waging on horse racing here in the US.

There are multiple bets in a race card known as the Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6. A common goal is to pick the winner in consecutive race cards throughout the day at the same horse track. These multiple wagers in the same horse bet have separate money pools as well at the live horse track, an off-track betting facility and online with a betting site.

You can handicap your odds for the different types of bets to want to play for the daily race card. If you only want to pick a win, place or show position, you can focus on the favorite, a few legitimate contenders and one or two longshots. If you want to pick an exacta, trifecta or superfecta, you can focus your attention to two, three or four horses in the same race. From live race tracks that offer the Daily Double all the way to the Pick 6 bet, you can pick winners for consecutive multiple races in the card.

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Find Out Your Daily Horse Track Conditions

Most horses run in fast conditions at the track in dry weather, but a few horses do better with sloppy conditions at a wet track. You have to find out your daily track conditions whether you are at the facility itself or betting the track from an off-track venue or online from a betting site.

The track conditions applies to racing on dirt and turf. You can finds a horse that prefers a sloppy track if it is raining or wet . It is important to change track conditions from dry to wet as the race card progresses.

Make Note of the Trainer and Jockey of Your Horses

Along with the horse you want to focus on, the trainer and the jockey are important for this race as well in the daily card. The trainer has a win-loss record at every main horse track in the US. They can make a big difference over the span of the horse’s competitive career. The jockey rides the horse and he can also make a difference in that race, good or bad.

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Understand the Tangible and Intangible Factors

Here are tangible factors that needs to be considered in a race including the position in the starting gate, blinkers on or off and dirt vs. turf as a riding surface. The intangible factors in a race are layoffs between two events, raising or dropping in the class of the race and medication (Lasix and Bute).

Know How Skill and Luck Work Hand-to-Hand

Winning a horse race is a combination of skill and luck. You need skill to pick out the horses in a race and you need luck to have the right breaks fall their way. From the odds-on favorite to the live longshot, a certain amount of skill and luck will guide you along with your picks at the horse track.

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