Top Contests at Bovada

One of the things you'd expect from an organization that is very responsive to the needs of the recreational customer is that they would have a lot of amenities to offer them that is somewhat "off the beaten path" from the standard sportsbook and casino fare. 

That is indeed the case at Bovada, which is fully committed to an all-around experience on the part of the player. 

And part of that involves devising various contests for them to enjoy, in which cash prizes are awarded. 

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Before we tell you about some of them, understand that there is a distinction to be drawn between contests and other features, such as bonuses or special propositions. A contest is generally something in which the customer is competing against others, or perhaps the house. 

And one of those events that can be expected is the Weekly NFL Prop Contest, which highlights the many props on NFL games that are offered at Bovada. The prize pool was a robust $10,000. And last season the sportsbook added a special twist; it allowed customers to submit their own ideas for props for the opportunity to have them posted on the site. So every Tuesday they get flooded with ideas. 

Bovada has had "Bracket Buster" contests as well when it is time for March Madness. Free entry is a good draw, and it's always very attractive when 250 different contestants can earn a cash prize, which came out of a $25,000 pool. 

College football's post-season has also been fertile ground for contest competition. And the bowl games fit right into the format, as customers will try to select the winner in all those games with the Bowl Pick'Em Contest. There are $10,000 in prizes available for this one, and 100 people get paid, which is great news. 

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Bovada might at any given time have contests that are tied into specific events, such as the NFL Draft or the Kentucky Derby, and they'll usually have smaller prize pools - around $1000. But the Super Bowl Prop Contest is much bigger, as might be expected for an event like that, with $10,000 up for grabs. 

There are some other contests of sorts that include some creativity and reward players for following them on social media. For example, on Twitter, they held out a challenge for viewers to predict which player would score the first touchdown of the NFL season. Winners get a bonus. 

Tournament-type action is always something that can add some spice to a casino game that might otherwise become monotonous over time. Such is the case with slot games, and in this instance, you can get involved playing a mini-tournament through a process called "Leaderboards." They are associated with many slot games (and also one of the blackjack games as well). What they will do is essentially measure your action, and convert it into points. The players with the most points will be the highest on the Leaderboard. 

Customers can keep track of their progress in real-time every step of the way. These mini-tournaments don't last a long time; usually, you're looking at about 20-25 minutes at most. The prizes are not necessarily substantial, and sometimes it goes toward bonus funds that you have to play through. But the action is fast and furious and offers a new angle to your play if you are a slot enthusiast. 

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Poker is always a great source of tournament action, and one of the top contests at Bovada is the Super Millions Poker Open (SMPO) that consists of 139 different events, with a guaranteed $4.5 million spread across them. Yes, you heard that right. There are a lot of ways to win, and a lot of ways to get into the Main Event, where $400,000 is guaranteed. You can qualify with winning play in a low-stakes tournament, or you can pony up $425 + $25 and simply buy a seat. All of these events can be played from anywhere, including your tablet or a smartphone, so you can chase the big bucks while you're on the go. 

And if you have those competitive juices flowing on a regular basis, don't forget that you would have a $100,000-guaranteed tournament taking place every Sunday afternoon, with the first-place finisher winning a minimum of $20,000. 

The conclusion - Bovada knows how to wet your whistle when it comes to contests!