Top Contests at Jazz Sports

Today’s top-rated online sportsbooks are still the best value going when it comes to betting on sports in the US. As true pioneers in the sports betting industry, many of these books have been taking action online for the past few decades. With origins in legal sports betting jurisdictions in the Caribbean and Costa Rica, offshore books have defined online sports betting as we know it today.

One of the true pioneers on that list is Jazz Casino & Sportsbook. Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, this Affiliated Sports Book dates all the way back to 1994. This group not only operates Jazz Sports as a top-rated online sportsbook, but they also run Jazz Casino & Sportsbook as well as ABC Islands Casino. Whether it is a land-based casino and sportsbook or an online sports betting outlet, Jazz has become one of the most popular and most trusted sources for all of your gambling needs.

How Easy is it to Get Paid at Jazz Sports?

Along with fast and easy access to betting lines for every US sport and most sports played on an international level, Jazz Sports offers an online casino complete with over 30 slots and video poker machines. You can also play Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, Keno and Pai Gow as the most popular online table games.

As a value-added feature for their online betting customer, Jazz Sports offers a wide array of bonus offers, promotions, incentives, and various contests. Bonus offers run the gambit from cash back up to 20 percent on deposits from $100 to $500 to Free Play offers up to 100 percent on max wagers up to $250. One of the best aspects of their bonus program is a heavy lean towards regular customers as well as new bettors to the site.

When it comes to Jazz Sports’ contests, no online book does it better. Along with contests tied to some of the biggest betting events of the year such as the Super Bowl and March Madness, there are daily, weekly and monthly opportunities to boost your betting bankroll. The following three contests top the list:

-    Pool Bets
-    Square Bets
-    Parlay Bet Cards

Pool bets cover daily action for the NBA, NHL and various soccer leagues. During the NFL season, there are weekly pools covering each week of the 16-game regular season as well as into the playoffs right up to the Super Bowl. Bookie agents can use the on-site pool manager for their betting customers. You can set your own hold percentage, price and check winners option while Jazz Sports manages the entire contest for every participant.

Using Multiple Offshore Sportsbooks

Square bets for NFL and NBA games is a season-long contest that is highlighted by the famous Super Bowl Squares for the biggest single-day betting event of the year. This contest offers the chance to try your luck winning some extra cash for Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football each week of the NFL season. Squares are also offered for select NBA showdowns during that league’s regular season leading into the extensive postseason right up to and including the NBA Finals. Agents can use the player-manager option to manage hold percentages and handles while also checking the winning numbers.

Parlay bet cards are offered on a regular basis for most of the major sports. There are the Regular Parlay Card and the Consolation Parlay Card options. You can choose the type of parlay card you wish to play. Bookie agents can offer this contest to their players while having the ability to choose their own payouts and maximum betting limits.

When a book has over 25 years’ experience under its belt as one of the top online betting sites for sports and casino games, you know it is doing something right. Jazz Sports fits the bill for today’s avid sports bettor.