Use Caution When Betting Week 1 of College Football Season

The start of yet another exciting college football is at hand and you as a football bettor cannot wait. You have studied the conferences and teams, especially those in the region where you live and you can recite the number of every school's returning players without issue.

You are ready, jacked and that bankroll you have accumulated since the end of March Madness is waiting for usage. One thing, check your pulse and make sure that your heart rate is close to normal before placing a single wager. Football bettors, as a rule, are aggressive when they think they know something more than somebody else. That's where mistakes are made and too often the consequences are punishing (lost money).

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Please read the rest of this article, take a deep breath and rethink the number of wagers or games you like for Week 1.

Can You See Me Now?

As compared to the NFL's preseason, there are no before the season college football contests. While you convinced you are dialed in on the college football odds you have only reports to follow about all college football teams and most of those are usually optimistic.

Every football head coach and assistant has trepidation before the season opener because they don't know for 100 percent exactly what they have and how their players will react.

If the coaching staff is a bit nervous, you should be too. Being able to see how a team plays in a game situation gives everyone making college football picks a view of any team.

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Points of interest could be a new quarterback who is a proven runner and athlete, but who lacks the finesse in the passing game. Seeing that first hand is helpful.

Other examples could be rebuilt offenses or defense lines and looking to understand how quickly they could come together. Or a team could have a veteran quarterback with fresh-faced wide receivers lacking in experience and trying to see if they are on the same page on various routes. This is a window into the future about any team.

How is team plays in Week 1 is not a telltale sign of how they will play all year, but it could give relevant information in how they play the rest of September or at least the next two or three weeks.

Be Wise and Down Size (Your Wagering)

If you typically make eight to 12 college football bets a week, for the start of the season cut that number in half and take your absolute best bets. If by chance the numbers don't go your way, far better to have a 1-4 record than 2-8 and having to spend the rest of the month or longer digging out of a hole.

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If you are one that must make a large volume of wagers, fine, be wise and cut your bets in half for Weeks 0 and 1. Always remember, it's not how much you win, it's how much you keep.

Learn and Move Ahead With Confidence

After seeing enough football over several days, you are now like a football coach. You have data and intel to work with and a generally better understanding of what to expect for the following week.

All football coaches say the greatest improvement in a season is from Game 1 to Game 2 because realistic expectations are now in place.

Being conservative from the start should arm you for future success.