Using a quality Pay Per Head service is most important

If you want to succeed in the bookmaking business, partnering with a quality pay per head (PPH) is more important than anything else. Choosing wrong could have dire repercussions.

You could have an active player base, but if you partner with a non-reputable PPH service, you’ll likely end up losing players quickly for numerous reasons, which we’ll discuss in this guide.

Gaming Technology

Quality PPH services such as Ace Per Head have built their business around the latest technology.

Your players will have an excellent user experience (UI) with no accessibility issues. Ace Per Head is 100% responsive (mobile accessible), which is mandatory to compete in 2020.

Ace Per Head will also handle server management. They ensure your website is functioning (99.99% uptime) through their custom private-cloud, ensuring your website provides access to your players.

Nothing is worse than your sportsbook website going down on Sunday during NFL season.

Security (DDoS Protection) is also handled by the IT professionals.

Market Coverage

To avoid the potential of losing players, you want to have betting markets for every sport.

It takes a large team of linemakers to manage odds for hundreds of sports leagues around the world, which is why the majority of PPH services only have in-depth market coverage for major US sports. You will have the controls, with customized betting lines across the board. At Ace Per Head, you’ll be able to accept bets for nearly every sport imaginable.

Ace also does one of the best jobs at providing betting lines for props (player/team/event). Props are one of the best ways to increase betting turnover as a bookmaker. As you likely know, the goal is to always increase turnover, as the more turnover you have, the more money you’ll earn.

Another great feature at Ace Per Head is the live betting. All Price Per Head packages include live betting for all major sports, but there’s also a VIP live betting platform that has an additional fee.

If you have players that require expansive live betting markets, Ace is one of the top options.


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Never Miss a Bet

Only the best pay per head services offer a call center. Call centers are used to offer player support and to accept wagers. Ace Per Head takes things a step further. When you partner with Ace, your players will be able to bet online (through your own website) or by phone and live chat.

You’ll never miss a bet from one of your players again.

Your players don’t even need the Internet to place a wager. They can call a toll-free number, provide their account number and then place a bet using their balance or credit limit that you provide.

Bookie Tools

One aspect of a PPH that’s often overlooked are the tools available to bookies. Check out more detail in Ace’s PPH review if you’d like.

Ace Per Head offers a range of custom tools, including real-time wager alerts, live bet ticker and a player watch report that gives you a complete snapshot of how every player is performing.

Tracking and monitoring your players is just as important as accepting their wagers.

Most PPH services lack many useful bookie tools, but Ace Per Head has plenty. The tools will make your life easier and will ensure you’re able to cultivate a profitable base of players.

Don’t Believe Us?

Ace Per Head offers new bookies a six-week free trial (longest in the industry).

They want to build a long relationship with bookies, so they don’t mind helping new bookies get started in the industry by offering a no-cost, zero-risk free trial to everyone.