Using Pay Per Head Systems to Update Player Profiles

It might not seem like it now, but live sports will return – and will give your sports bettors reason to log onto your website and get back into the action.

If you’re a savvy bookmaker, you’ve paid attention to the wealth of virtual and eSports opportunities available for your clients.

Now Is the Time

However, everyone knows that the sports betting volume around events like a League of Legends tournament or pro baseball or basketball players squaring off against one another in a video game is not nearly going to approach what the industry is currently losing to the suspension of all of the major pro sports leagues.

Now is the time to take advantage, and Pelican PPH is in your corner to help make the best of a bad situation. Not only can you use this time to update your player profiles, so that you are ready to hit the ground running when live pro sports resume, you can start building another niche.

Using Pay Per Head Systems to Update Player Profiles

What are your betting and credit limits?

These are important numbers that you want to establish before the torrent of wagers comes in. This may sound like something that is pretty basic, but if you don’t have this part of your business locked down, things can get out of hand in a hurry.

As a private bookmaker, you need to keep control of the action, and having the best PPH system in place can help you do this easily.

When you first sign up with Pelican PPH, one of your initial tasks is to establish account profiles for all of your active wagering clients. You will pay the PPH provider on the basis of the number of active betting accounts that you have.

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Summer is often a time when your active customer count will dwindle a bit, as this is the time when most of the pro sports leagues are dark anyway.

Be Ready When the Wave Comes

Obviously, things have really fallen off the table this year, but you can expect things to amp up in a hurry once the leagues start opening. If you have been managing your book for a few years now, you should have a sense of the rise that comes in the fall; the rise that comes this year will be more like an earthquake.

If you’re just getting started running a sportsbook, think about how many active wagering clients you plan to have. Then think about the type of sports bettor you want. Your price per head service can help you with all of that.

You’ll need enough clients (and enough aggregate action) to meet your financial goals. However, you don’t want to grow your base so large that you don’t have enough cash in reserves to cover those times when your clients end up winning big.

Setting the right credit and betting limits, as you set up or adjust individual profiles, may be the most important step you take to hedge your own risk.

If your cash reserves are limited and you don’t put much in the way of limits in place, and the first week of NFL action features a lot of upsets. You could start in a hole and be in real trouble right away.