Value Bets Using NHL Props

During the winter months heading into spring, the NBA tends to overshadow the NHL when it comes to overall popularity. Each major sports league mirrors one an other’s schedule from October all the way through the best-of-seven championship series in early June.

Basketball, in general, has a much bigger fan base. When it comes to betting on the games, basketball also brings in a much bigger handle. Popularity aside, savvy sports bettors understand the value the NHL can add to the overall betting mix.

The moneyline odds are the primary bet along with the total line.

The NHL puck line is the same as the run line in baseball. The favorite gives 1.5 goals to the underdog and the moneyline is adjusted accordingly. While these are the three primary bets on NHL games, there are other ways to bet on this sport.

At the top of the list in alternative betting options would be NHL props.

Certain online sportsbooks specialize in hockey props and they fill their board with options for each and every game. This can be a great way to supplement or even hedge any moneyline, totals or puck line bets you already have in play.

Some NHL betting fans simply stick to game, team and player prop bets to add even more excitement to all the action on the ice.

Some of the basic game props for ice hockey include:

  1. Score in the First 10 Minutes
  2. First Scoring Team
  3. Total Team Goals
  4. Highest Scoring Period
  5. Tied After Regulation (3-Way Lines)

These are just a few of the game props released for each day’s contests. The actual prop list is extended to cover almost every facet of the game right into overtime if necessary.

Some teams have a knack for scoring that first goal of the game. This season, the Colorado Avalanche has scored first in 27 of their 44 games played which is 61.4% of the time. They have gone on to win 70.4% of those games. Given these favorable stats, a moneyline bet on the Avalanche to win backed up with a play on the first team scoring prop could be a lucrative combination depending on the actual matchup.

NHL stats in general can be an excellent resource for betting NHL props. There is a wealth of information for teams and individual players that can properly assess current form in light of the overall season-to-date performance. Successfully betting props hinges on both.

The best betting strategy for NHL props is to first determine a separate budget. It is very easy to get carried away given the wide selection of options. By limiting the number or bets or units played, you can employ the proper money management techniques.

Another tip is to stick with the basic props. Trying to predict the highest scoring period comes down to an educated guess. Betting on the team to win the most periods is much more predictable.

A final tip would be to put far more emphasis on current form than year-to-date performance. For example, we have our weekly betting power rankings.

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If you are betting a player prop on goals scored, it is far more relevant to track a player’s scoring performance over their past five games rather than their season totals. Just like teams, every top scorer goes through hot and cold streaks.


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