Ways to Deposit at Bovada

You would agree that if you had easier and more efficient ways to get yourself into the action, that would make you feel a lot better about choosing a particular sportsbook. 

Bovada knows that too. That is why they have gone out of their way to make it trouble-free for customers to open up their accounts and become active in the experience to be had at this unique gaming destination. 

No matter where you are located, you will find a way to get involved that is convenient for you. 

How to Deposit Bitcoin at Bovada

Let’s run down Bovada's deposit methods, all of which have proven to be very popular and without headaches: 

• Credit cards can be used. This means Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. This is a pretty fast payment method, and most people have one of these cards. Just so you're not surprised by it, there will be fees attached - they'll be upwards of 5.9%. However, Bovada will allow your first deposit using one of these cards to be free of fees. 

• Gift cards are good too. You can go to the store and buy a Visa and MasterCard gift card and apply that toward a deposit. This carries a fee as well, in the 3-5% range. This is a very convenient method as you can protect your financial details as well as your privacy (from outside parties, that is). 

• Voucher deposits can be used to make deposits in your Bovada account, and they do not come with any fees at all!

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• Bitcoin is something more and more people are becoming aware of. It is, of course, a digital currency that is universal. It is not a "fiat" currency, which means that it is not controlled by any central governmental entity. That is where it has a lot of appeal to "libertarian" types. Where it applies to gaming-related transactions, there are other things that are appealing. For one thing, they foster the idea of confidentiality, which means that not only does anybody outside that sportsbook know who you are, but no one needs to know where you're from either. 

• Bitcoin Cash became something of a "splinter" currency derived from Bitcoin, which uses blockchain technology as well. It is said that Bitcoin Cash is ideal for e-commerce transactions, and in that case, it is very useful in the gaming world. 

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are known as "cryptocurrencies," which means they exist strictly in the digital world. Both of them facilitate transactions very quickly, and neither of these currencies carries with it any transaction fees. 

• ZellePay is an instant payment service that is operated by a consortium of banks. Through it, you can send payments to any party that has a bank account. Please check in your jurisdiction as to the availability of Zelle. 

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What is great about all of these methods is that they are backed up with Bovada's customer service team, operating around the clock. So they can help walk you through any questions or issues related to which of Bovada's deposit methods might be best for you. 

If you have been looking for a location that prides itself on being consumer-friendly where it concerns doing what it takes to start playing, you have come to the right place!