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What are Circled Games -

What are Circled Games

For most folks, sports gambling is a hobby, just as any other activity might be a hobby such as fishing or hiking, maybe golf or skiing. It’s a fun hobby if played correctly and it can be a financially rewarding hobby if the player buckles down and does their homework. Just like any hobby that you may choose to participate in; you must learn the tricks of the trade, the ins and outs and what makes this hobby that you do; what makes it tick? For literally decades, players have tried to beat the bookies, they have tried to beat them in Las Vegas, they have tried to beat them in the corner bar in Chicago or Trenton and they are trying to beat the offshore bookies.

Gamblers are always searching for new ideas and ways of betting and getting a leg up on the bookmakers odds. Gambling is not always an easy sport to beat, it’s easy to play once you learn the tricks of the trade and the many different ways to actually bet on any given sporting event.

Think about all of the many different sports there are to bet on, there is football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, auto racing, soccer, rugby, then you have all of the many different leagues. The leagues include the NFL, CFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, NCAA Men’s BB, NCAA Women’s BB, NCAA football, the PGA, NASCAR, the ATP, the MLS, The Champions League and many more leagues in professional soccer alone. This list here is a few of the major sports leagues that most online sportsbooks have available to bet. Some offer more and some offer less. It is a great idea to have more than one sportsbook. This way you can allow certain books for certain sports. Some of the bookmakers cater to the NFL or some of them cater to MLB or the NBA. Do your research on the many different sports there are to bet on and you decide what sportsbooks best suit your gaming needs?

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Often when talking to players about skill vs. luck, most folks agree that there is most definitely a certain amount of luck that is needed when betting on sports. It sure doesn’t hurt anything to get lucky every now and then. Every bettor could use a good dose of luck, but it is the worst idea in the world to depend on luck. As a matter of fact, if you are going into a sporting event, depending on luck, then you must be told the bad news right now; you are destined to fail! Sorry to break these words of wisdom to you but it’s a fact.

Of course, when gambling, there are events or games or possibly even individual players such as golfers or tennis players that you will want to steer clear of and the sportsbooks have done their homework, you can count on them being in the know. They know every little detail, because what do they do; they gamble for a living. If the bookmakers were losing all of the time, they would eventually go broke. They make it their business to know as much detail about every event possible. Then, their oddsmakers place what they think to be an appropriate line on the game.

The bookies make it a habit to know who is injured, who has had a bad streak, what teams are on a losing streak or if the weather is bad or some extenuating circumstance that might make a game not what it would be if the player was to play at full capacity. Maybe a pitcher had a death in the family, but that guy is determined to go out and play and do his best. These are called circled games.

Circled games are a factor in any sport, but they are probably more of a factor in football. In the NFL there are injuries from week to week and often the general public has no idea if a player is going to start the game or possibly if he is even going to play in the game. The general public may not know for sure whether or not an injured player will play until moments before the games go off the board. These are usually the circled games that you want to shy away from. Be careful with these games or, have a very good handicapper on your payroll!

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You must handicap circled games for a couple of reasons. One, the bookies don’t always get it right. As a matter of fact, they often get it wrong. They will make a calculated guess before really knowing the facts and offer a line that can be beaten; a weak line. This is when you should jump on the game.

The other circumstance is when the sportsbook knows all about the game situation and this is exactly why it’s called a circled game. The bookie knows that the Cowboys are not going to be the same without Dak Prescott. They know that the Houston Rockets are not the same team without James Harden or that the Washington Nationals are not the same if Max Scherzer gets scratched minutes before taking the mound.

Take some great advice:

If you do not have the time to handicap the games on a daily and regimented basis, then find a handicapper or handicapping website that can help you. Circled games can be a bargain if you catch the sportsbook off guard, or they can be a trap. Do not get trapped. It’s very easy to fall off the boat on some of these games.

The best rule of thumb to follow on circled games; don’t play them. Steer clear of circled games. Why would you need to bet a circled game when you more than likely have many other events to bet on? This risk is not worth your time or your money. There are simply too many other sporting events that are a great value. It is very difficult to get good value on a circled game unless you have handicapped it very well and have a very good reason to believe that you can bring home the bacon!


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