What Hockey Bettors Need To Know About the Metropolitan Division

What was it your mother said, "If you don't have anything polite to say about someone, don't say anything at all". Since this hockey article is about teams in the Metropolitan Division, the kindest thing anyone can say, well, at least its competitive.

That point is 100 percent true and correct because as this article was going live, there were only 13 points separating the first place team (Washington), from the last place squad (New York Rangers).

The fact remains this is a crummy division (sorry mom), yet because of how top-heavy the Atlantic Division is, there is a very good chance the Metro will send five clubs to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The poster boy (team) for change in this division is Philadelphia. The Flyers should have Moen faucets as one of its sponsors because nobody in the NHL runs as hot and cold as Philly. Back in November, Philadelphia lost 10 in a row and fell into last place. Two days later, the Flyers began a six-game winning streak and climbed out of the basement. Next came four consecutive defeats and they slipped to sixth place and now they are on a 5-1 stretch and have returned to third place. After acting like a normal team for a spell, Philadelphia got hot again starting on Jan. 4th and jetted to third place. 

With a few more victories, the Flyers could be in first place! For those really paying attention, Philadelphia is the best bet in hockey even if they are -3.8 units on the season. A vast amount of money has been there to win, just by riding their streaks!

Look Out Washington, the Penguins are Marching Again!

It was Black Friday and Pittsburgh has just lost at Boston, leaving them with an 11-14 record. The two-time defending champs were a mess, ranked 27th in goals allowed and not even in the Top 10 in scoring. It sure appeared those two Cup-raising rides had left them exhausted.

Then the calendar flipped to a new year and like a good hunting dog, the Pens picked up the scent. The chase for the Cup was finally in sight, a few players got healthy and Pittsburgh is now on a 12-4 SU move and closing in on first place Washington.

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This is not good news for the Capitals, who have won their division seven times in a dozen seasons and have never made the Cup Finals in that period. The best case scenario for the Caps would be to win the division, Pittsburgh slides to the wild card and maybe they miss the Penguins altogether.

Because of the pride of both teams, they will fight to win the Metropolitan for the next six weeks (good for NHL bettors)  and determine what is the best course for playoff readiness in April.

Somebody Has To Step Up Among The Other Metro Clubs

None of the rest of the teams in the division has played well of late. But that doesn't mean any of these squads is playing out the string. One streak could propel Carolina, New Jersey, Columbus or both New York teams into at least third place in a two to three-week period. It is a matter of mindset and everyone coming together and accomplishing something that can believe in.

Whatever team or teams that do this can control their own destiny. However, if you are betting any of these clubs, keeping the rosary nearby as any in this group is about to play is advised. 






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