What is a Pleaser?

A pleaser bet is often confused with a super teaser, or even a teaser, don’t be confused, a pleaser is a bit different, but can be either very lucrative or very unforgiving. The key to winning a pleaser bet is knowing the strength of the teams you are betting on. In order to win a pleaser, you must be either following the teams that are playing and/or handicapping the action very well. Don’t let this discourage you, pleaser bets are well worth the time if you come prepared.

What is a pleaser exactly?

When playing a pleaser bet, one is moving the line in favor of the sportsbook, which also allows for a much better payout for the gambler. The risk is obviously higher. Most folks think of the online sportsbooks as having an advantage without playing a pleaser bet, and although that is true maybe 52% of the time, the bookies are gambling with you just as if you are gambling with a buddy in the bar. The bookies have oddsmakers that set the daily points spreads and money odds that go along with them. Of course, there is juice, Example: -110. This means that you must lay $110 to win $100. The extra -10, is juice, and this is how the bookies make their money. In order to beat the juice, you must win at least 52% of the time.

How to Bet Teasers

As anybody who has ever gambled on sports knows, beating the bookie 52% of the time is not that easy, the bookies also know that beating the gambler 48 % of the time is not that easy as well. To compensate for their losses, they put together special offers such as a pleaser bet.

*A pleaser bet takes a favorite, or an underdog and moves the line, it often moves it drastically, but again, if you have handicapped the teams that are playing and know the bill of goods, you will be well rewarded. In order to play a pleaser bet, you must select at least two teams, most of the online sportsbooks will allow as many as six teams. 


Regular Lines

Denver -7
Giants +4

6-Point Pleaser Lines

Denver -13
Giants -2

A two-team pleaser pays +600. The requirement is to win both teams. In the above bet, Denver must win their game by at least 14 points, 13 would be a push and you would receive your money back. Be sure to check with your favorite bookmaking sight for their pleaser bet rules. For every $100 that you play, you will win $600 for a total payback of $700.

Pleaser Payouts

Two Teams: +600
Three Teams: +1700
Four Teams: +4500
Five Teams: +12000
Six Teams: +30000

As you can see, pleaser bets pay a very large sum of money, and for one reason, you are being asked to make the online sportsbooks look as if they were all wrong! It does happen from time to time and the key is product knowledge. Blowouts happen, and this is, of course, the best time to win a pleaser bet. 

How can pleaser bets be won?

•    The strategy is fairly straightforward, you must look for a couple of teams that have a “middle” such as a team that is coming in as a “pick'em” or even money. In the NFL, games can go either way and one never knows for sure that one team will blow another one out. As they say, “any given Sunday”. This is very true. One team that is supposed to beat another by 7 or more, could still end up losing the game, it happens, it’s the NFL. 

•    Know your math, do your homework beforehand and a lot of money can be won. Any given year one team may be awful and travel to a city that’s been superb, and the awful team beats the superb team. That can’t be counteracted, that is what it is and can’t be undone. What can be counteracted is the ability to handicap a teams chances from week to week and do the math, find out how many points they really have a chance to cover and play the appropriate pleaser. 

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Not all of the online sportsbooks offer pleaser bets, there are, however, more than a few of them that do, so be sure to find them well before the football season starts in both the NFL as well as the NCAA. The NCAA is a very worthy bet when thinking about betting a pleaser. Every weekend there is usually more than 100 games being played and most of them are offered for betting. Find them, do your homework and be prepared to turn the numbers around. Again—the math, be prepared to do your math. 

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