What is on Your Pay Per Head Dashboard?

When it comes to successfully running and managing your own independent sportsbook as a private bookie, you need to have the right business tools in place. Fortunately for one, low weekly price per head fee, there are a number of excellent options when it comes to the online sportsbook software solutions that today’s top Pay Per Head sites can bring to the table. You only pay the weekly fee for each of your active betting customers and it includes everything you need to stay way out in front of all the daily betting action coming in.

Your Pay Per Head dashboard is a grouping of the most important business analytics needed to breakdown every single aspect of your bookie business. It is still up to you to decide what the most important measures are for your specific business model. Some bookies are focused on growing and expanding their overall customer base as a means to add more profit to the overall bottom line. Other private bookies are more concerned with consistent cash flow and profitability from a fixed set of sports bettors, while others tend to focus mainly on increasing their overall hold percentage, which pertains to the amount owned on winning bets verse the amount of money coming in on losing ones.

You have to decide which business parameters can give you everything you need, when you need it in order to create a customized dashboard that includes fast and easy access to all the information that goes into making any number of daily, weekly and even monthly decisions that take place in a business of this nature.

One of the best things about today’s highly sophisticated online bookie software packages is that the top PPH services do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to the bookmaking agents they work with. From designated account managers to a customer service team that is highly trained and highly experienced in the online sports betting industry, your price per head shop should be able to guide you accordingly through every step you take. Help is only a phone call, email or text away so you should never feel alone as a private sports bookmaker competing against all the big offshore sportsbooks operating online.

In fact, most of today’s PPH software packages would rival what even the biggest books are using to run their million dollar websites. If you are relatively new to the world of sports bookmaking, you will probably be best off with a Pre-set Option for your business Pay Per Head dashboard. This groups together the most important business analytics needed to run and manage your own sportsbook.

Once you become familiar with every aspect of your online bookie business, you can the opt for a Custom-set Option. This will allow you to add and delete instant links to various reports on your existing business dashboard. The best course of action for developing an effective custom business dashboard is to completely familiarize yourself with everything your PPH software package has to offer. You can then bypass the information that does not pertain to your specific business, while adding the analytics that are vital to the overall decision making process.

The actual number of reports that any PPH software package offers is not as nearly important as clarifying the most important reports. This is definitely a quality over quantity issue, so you always need to make sure that your Pay Per Head site can provide the real time software solutions that you need to successfully run and manage your bookie business.

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