What is the Right Number of Football Games To Bet Weekly?

Whether it is a handicapper, avid sports bettor or a recreational gambler on the weekends, they all ask themselves what the right number of games to bet on for typical a Thursday through Monday football weekend.

You have the Thursday NFL and college football games. Friday is normally a college game or two followed by 50+ choices on Saturday. Sunday delivers two timeframes, plus the Sunday night battle and it's capped off by Monday Night football. That's a lot of ways to win and lose betting football.

There is no magic number. However, first and foremost, you should a bankroll and that is your key determining factor. There are 18 weeks of regular season football in pros and college. If you have a $1,000 bankroll or $10,000 or more, take your number and divide by 18 to give yourself a weekly budget for starters.

How and Where To Find the Smart Money When Betting Sports

From here, you have options and among the most popular are quality, quantity and favorite teams/TV games.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Quality Choices

If you're skilled enough at making NFL picks and or college football picks, betting your personal best bets is a great strategy. This does guarantee you win, but it does guarantee you are utilizing your favorite plays to bet on.

For those not used to this thinking, say you have 15 to 20 total games you like. One aspect that is hard to do once you made these choices is whittling down this list. What you should do when studying the games is in the process grade your selections. Where it is 1,2, 3 or A, B, C, that tells you at the moment exactly what you were thinking (also use keywords or a short sentence for reasoning).

That doesn't mean you cannot change your mind and move them around into different groups later, but what this does is help alleviate confusion later. In addition, if you make your best choices and lose, there is only one person to blame, you. This forces you to get smarter at making picks. 

Quantity Is Great For Action Junkies

In betting a vast number of games, here is the first question to ask? Why? If you just like having five games going on at a time morning to night, checking the scores the entire time, that is not a problem. What you want to make sure of is you have made the proper adjustments in amounts wagered that corresponds to your bankroll.

Use Caution When Betting Week 1 of College Football Season

If you have a $1,000 to work and you like to bet $50 a contest and have 25-30 bets, one bad weekend and your season is over. Adjust your bets into more of the $10 to $15 range and that allows you to do volume and not have the same pressure.

This method is not for everyone so make sure you can not only handle the losing but financially and mentally also. While betting a large number of games is fun, if you are heading into a Sunday 1-9, you should know you likely will react before this occurs. Not everyone is equipped to handle horrible days. Know yourself and enjoy yourself.

Watching and Winning (Losing)

There are plenty of sports bettors that cannot watch a sporting event without having action on it. It adds to the enjoyment and it creates the adrenalin rush that many look for.

That is why betting for or against your favorite teams is a rush or following the biggest prime time games, every week is fun (why is the NCAA men's basketball tournament so big?)

For handicapping and betting purposes, make certain you have done your homework and be well aware that oddsmakers like those at Intertops or wherever are looking to feed numbers on sides or totals to match public perception on the marquee matches. This is where an analytical approach into the statistics is even more important and helps remove the emotional aspect of a must-see conflict.

In the end, find what suits you best and give yourself the best opportunity at success.