What Should You Expect from a Price Per Head Service

The Price Per Head industry has taken the online sportsbook industry by storm and there are certainly no signs of slowing down. In fact, what’s been around for twenty years has now become a staple in the industry that online bookies swear by. The price per head or better known as (PPH), AKA… Pay Per Head. 

The online gaming industry has become saturated with PPH providers that all sell their wears and claim to be the best. What one must do is sort all of this out by discovering exactly the best fit for you and your online presence. The one tidbit of truth that we do know is this; in order for a bookie to see any success whatsoever, there must be an online presence, without it, you are simply dead in the water. Even the corner bookies, (the local guys) they have all gone online. There is a reason for this… Who wants to do all the work? Nobody!

How to Become a Sports Bookie?

The price per head industry has come along in the nick of time and saved the day for independent bookies. Sure, it’s been around for twenty plus years but not until recently has it been perfected. The best PPH service has finally had its day in the sun, and you the bookie, can once again enjoy being a bookie. 

Possibly you are thinking how can a bookie not enjoy being a bookie? Take a quick look at the responsibilities of a bookie. There are more than one might think. 

•    Be open 24/7: Without an online presence, this means you are working with a cell phone only and that your clients must call or text in order to place a bet or inquire about an existing bet. You must be willing to accept phone calls at all hours of the night and here is why—if you are not willing to accept bets and inquiries 24/7 then someone else will. Your clients are your lifeblood and without them, you have no business. Let’s put it this way, without them, you have no business being in business. You must be willing to take their bets whenever, and wherever-at all times. With an online presence, you will rarely interact with the client. 

•    Grading bet slips: You must be prepared to grade bet slips at pretty much any time of the day. Obviously, as a bookie, you set hours of business and limits to “off time” inquiries but as any experienced bookies will tell you when gamblers beat you, they want paid. They want their event/game graded within five minutes because this is what the “big boys” of the gambling industry do. The online “big boys” are easy to find, easy to dial up and with the click of a mouse your client can deposit with them and be betting in a few short minutes. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you have all of your bases covered. 

•    Accounting services: When you sign up with a price per head you are literally hiring an accountant to do all of the paperwork for you. That mess is over! No more haggling at 3:00 in the morning over why your last bet wasn’t posted or where this $100 went or where that $270 went and why you are off on the balance sheet. There are literally no more balance sheets to ever do again. With a PPH they do everything for you. Every dollar is accounted for, every bet is accounted for including the wins and losses. Your bottom line is available to read and print 24/7, on demand. 

**The price per head industry has perfected the process so much that as a bookie, you now have time for marketing and client services. This is what you must be focusing on, not whether the Mets won last night! No more grading bets, no more late-night accounting hassles, just profits, and happy clients. Your clients will love you for making the switch to a price per head. You will have the look and feel of the “big boys”. 

A price per head is an all-inclusive, turnkey ready online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. It comes fully prepared to take on your clients and to start doing business with you the bookie in a day or less. You get a fully functional website with a domain that can be accessed from any device around the world. Your clients now have access to live wagering, a fantastic pay per head betting platform and a user interface that’s unparalleled. If you want to offer your clients what the “big boys” are offering, now you can do so and for a very affordable cost of around $10 per player, per week. The price per heads charge a onetime fee per fiscal week when and only when your player makes the first wager. Your client may place as many wagers as they like for the low onetime fee.

Managing Weekly Balances with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Not only does the bookie receive all of the above benefits, but they also get security knowing their website will always be operational and available to the client. You must have a reliable PPH provider, one that can be trusted and one that has been trusted for the past 10-20 years. 

Find a great price per head review and learn who bookies trust. Price per head software can be a dime a dozen, don’t get caught in the trap of falling for the lowest price or flashy promises. Find out who the best price per head providers really are and jump in with one that offers a free trial with no obligation. 

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