What to Expect from Your PPH Customer Support

“To whom much is given, much is required”. This should be your moniker as a bookie. You spend a lot of money to give your clients a high-quality sportsbook-experience and you should be getting the best customer supports that’s available.  

The number one concern that you have as an online bookie is retaining your clients and their loyalty. Let’s be clear, you will never find 100% loyalty. Sports gamblers love to roam, and they will roam. What your goal should be is having the clients return to you and having them make new deposits after they lose. This task is not necessarily an easy one. Gamblers are superstitious and when they lose, they tend to jump ship quickly, however, if you are offering what they need and if they love your policies and the customer service they receive, they will return.  

How to create your own Online Sportsbook

Find a PPH that’s committed to not only you but your customers as well. Rule number one; your PPH must have a 24/7 toll-free number that’s accessible from the United States. This is not only for you, but it’s also for them as well. Your clients bet at all-hours of the day and they may encounter a problem. You don’t want the phone call at 3:00 AM, but you certainly don’t want them conducting a 5-minute Google search and depositing with someone else. If your current PPH provider does not offer a toll-free number, then ditch them and find someone that does. 

Player reports: You need them, and you can’t live without them. Your PPH provider should be offering on-demand player and financial reports. If you want any level of success in this business, then you must stay on top of who’s beating you and who are losing to you. You want to keep both; eventually, the players that are beating you will start losing. You must know where every dollar is going, and you must follow your budget closely. Player reports keep you on track. 

Moving your PPH provider odds is the Right Move?

Lines and Odds: As a bookie, this is a big one for you. You must have consistently competitive lines and odds, or you are dead in the water. Players are sharp, they know what’s up nowadays and times have changed. It’s simply too easy for your players to find the best odds elsewhere. Don’t let this happen. Your PPH provider sets all of your daily lines and odds and that’s a great thing. This saves you a lot of work and certainly a lot of time. Remember, you are the owner of your online gambling site. The lines that the PPH provides for you should be negotiable and you should have the ability to change them at any time. The best PPH providers on the internet have certainly nailed down the art of setting lines, however, they don’t always know everything. Stay on top of your daily lines and it could save you some very big losses. Your PPH provider must be flexible in changing the lines and odds of any event, at any time. 

Find a PPH provider that wants you to be successful and that supports your efforts to earn a fantastic income. There are many PPH companies that will offer rock-bottom prices to get you in the door and after you’re in the proverbial door; they ditch you. Stay away from a bad PPH and find the best in the industry. Start by using a great free-trial offer and sign on with a PPH that has an outstanding reputation for “Uptime” and one that bookies love.

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