When Is Best Time To Bet Football Games, Early or Late?

Finding winners for sports bettors in hard enough. Going through the numbers and being subjective about particular teams you like and dislike makes the work hard enough.

But another aspect that pops up is line moves on football, both college, and pro and when you should be ready to fire on a team you want to bet?

How often have you saw a favorite on Monday and thought, "that's a low number" but because you don't wager until the weekend that number jumps two maybe three points against you, and the value decreased? The same could be true of an underdog at +6 to start the week but by Friday, it's down to +3 and that pooch is not nearly as attractive.

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It used to following betting lines during the week was like reading a watch, you always knew what time it was. If sharp bettors saw what they perceived was a weak number, they jumped and online sportsbooks quickly adjusted it. Towards the weekend, favorites would go higher as the betting public began laying down their cash, leading to familiar patterns.

Today, because of some normal bettors what to mimic experts and convince themselves they are sharp action bettors, they hop on early line moves to start the week and sometimes artificially inflate spreads.

Another aspect that's altered lines are betting syndicates, who not every time, but often enough, wager vast amounts of money to adjust lines on certain games to force sportsbooks to react, only to take the opposition on a game on the weekend on a number that is more palatable to them and in their mind enhances their chances of winning.

If this sounds complicated, it is. So what should you as the football bettor do and decided when to bet? Be smarter.

Reasons To Bet Early

If you are looking over the lines for weekend football games on Monday or Tuesday and something really jumps out at you, why wait until Thursday or later? If you are serious about winning, why potentially give value (the right number is your mind) away?

Make the time that day to study just those select contests and see if what your head tells you matches up with your method of analysis. If so, make your NFL picks or college football picks immediately with the knowledge you have the best number you can and have completed the work.

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This would be particularly true of more public teams who are favored because as chances are, their numbers will only rise.

Reasons To Bet Later

If you are an astute bettor who has a good understanding of key numbers (3, 6 and 7 in particular) in football. This could be a reason to take a wait and see approach. If you would see an underdog that is at +2.5, +3, +6.5 or +7 and your knowledge tells you that possibility that you could catch a +3.5 or +7.5 or higher, don't be in a hurry, chances are you could always settle for the original release.

The same situation would be true of a favorite at -3, -3.5, -7 and 7.5. Watch and see if the numbers come to you. The sharpest of all bettors don't just wager on a game, they bet numbers in their favor.

As stated, become a smarter bettor and snatch the numbers at the right time whether it's early, late or the middle of the week, since the idea of betting is to make money. Stack the odds in your favor as best you can.

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