Why Bookies Need to Use a Pay Per Head Service

Sports betting in the US is booming these days with more and more states offering both land-based and online sportsbooks. You also have a wide variety of big commercial online sportsbooks catering to the US market.

While these two entities appear to dominate the multi-billion-dollar sports betting industry, in reality, private bookies still handle the majority of the daily and weekly action taken in.

The business climate for private bookmakers running and managing an independent sportsbook has never been better. However, to turn this venture into a long-term profitable business, you need the help of a quality pay per head bookie software solutions provider.

The overall way sports fans bet on the games continues to evolve. Modern technology and sophisticated sports betting software keep driving this trend. A bookie without the right online software applications to compete in this business environment does not stand a chance of reaching any set financial goals.

While the cost of a pay per head service comes right off the top from a net profit standpoint, it also drives the growth that can rapidly increase the total profit picture. To be a pro, you need professional tools. Operating a bookie business online with a quality pay per head site still comes with an extremely low overall start-up cost.


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The Pay Per Head Business Model

If you were to try and acquire everything you needed to take your bookie business online, the start-up costs alone would be too prohibitive to even get this business off the ground. This is what gave rise to the pay per head industry.

For one, low weekly per head fee for each of your active betting customers, you can gain access to a turnkey online sports betting software package. These solutions are designed to completely handle the administrative end of things so you can spend more of your time building and growing your customer base and overall bottom-line profit.

One glaring thing to keep in mind when searching for the right pay per head service is that they are not created equal. Some are better than others and ones such as PricePerPlayer.com move to the top of the list.


Once you first decide to take your bookie business to the next level by operating online, signing on with a pay per head site will be the second biggest decision you will ever make.

The PricePerPlayer Edge

The combination of professional bookie services with round-the-clock excellent customer service support is the competitive edge that makes PricePerPlayer the logical choice for any bookmaker looking to take things to a much higher level.



A good first step in the process of starting a private bookie operation is to get a feel for how much money you can actually make booking sports bets. The PricePerPlayer sportsbook revenue calculator is a unique tool that can provide some highly useful information. 

Along with the monthly gross gaming revenue you take it, another very important calculation is your overall “hold percentage”. This pertains to the ratio between the money paid out on winning bets verse the money plus commission taken in on losing bets. That leftover amount is your gross profit. An average hold percentage should fall in the range of 5 to 7.5%. Anything lower will make things extremely tight from an operational standpoint. Anything higher is extra profit in your pocket.

The added edge of PricePerPlayer bookie software solutions are solely designed to enhance a private bookie’s hold percentage and bottom-line profit at a very affordable weekly per head cost.