Why Should You Refer Your Friends at Intertops

Have you ever recommended a friend to join an online betting site? One of the best ways bookies grow is through word-of-mouth recommendations between friends and family.

Sports bettors are often leery of joining online bookies if they have no experience betting online previously. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is trust.

A prospective bettor is much more likely to join a sportsbook if they were recommended by a friend who has experience betting with the bookie and has been paid out previously.

With that being said, why not earn extra cash while recommending your friends to Intertops - one of the leading online sportsbooks that accept players from most countries, including the USA.

How Does the Intertops Referral Bonus Program Work?

The majority of great online sportsbooks out there offer a refer-a-friend bonus and then have a separate affiliate program where website owners can sign-up and send their players.

Intertops a Sportsbook for All Enthusiasts

One problem with having two separate programs is that most refer-a-friend programs offer the referring player a small bonus or free play for each player they send the sportsbook.

That’s not the case at Intertops. Here’s how the Intertops referral bonus program works:

●    Join the Affiliate Program: Intertops has everyone join the affiliate program if they want to promote the sportsbook. The affiliate program is separate from your betting account.

●    Promote the Sportsbook: After joining the affiliate program, you’ll receive a custom link that you need to use. Your friends need to click this link and then sign-up for their account.

●    Earn Lifetime Revenue: Intertops pays up to 35% commission every month on the players you refer. Many people earn a full-time income from sending players to bookies.

●    Send Players to All Products: When you send players to Intertops, you earn revenue on your player's action in the sportsbook, live betting platform, two casinos, and poker room. 

When you send your friends the tracking link make sure you tell them to clear their cookies. This will ensure that your friend is correctly tracked to your affiliate account.

Commissions are calculated and paid out monthly. You can view your stats in real-time. This allows you to know how much commission you're accumulating throughout the month.

Customer Service Experience at Intertops

Some months you may have negative revenue. This happens if your referred players win more than they lost in a given month. When this happens you don’t earn anything. However, Intertops offers a no negative carryover policy, which means you start fresh at $0 the following month.

Referring Your Friends to Intertops is Profitable

Rather than earning a small bonus for referring your friends to a bookie, Intertops will pay you up to a 35% commission on your players losses (minus bonuses, fees, etc.) for life.

The more friends you recommend Intertops, the more your monthly income will grow. It’s possible to earn a nice side income by simply referring a handful of your friends that enjoy gambling.

Alternatively, you can post your Intertops tracking link just about anywhere online, including your social media profiles. You don’t need to know the person to refer them to Intertops.

Earning Intertops’ referral bonuses is a great way to increase your own betting bankroll.