Women Betting Sports Is On the Rise

In the male-dominated world of sports betting, women are making inroads. Women have always bet, go to any Nevada or Indian casino and look where the slot machines are and more often than not women are half the players at the slots.

The NFL has the biggest draw of women of any professional sport and they have done a better job than most in attracting females to their product(s).

Studies have shown that women betting on sports has risen from nine percent to 12 in the last decade and with the looser restrictions on gambling moving ahead in all the professional and college sports, this number is sure to rise in the coming years. This does not signify a stampede of females hanging out at various sportsbooks across the United States and elsewhere as it grows, rather a steadily rising influx that will continue to grow and further catch the interest of sportsbooks like MyBookie and new places to wager. This matter as the estimated amount wagered on sports worldwide was 250 billion in 2016, thus, we are talking about a chunk of 30 billion and growing.

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Here is why if you have a website that caters to placing bets or providing information about betting, setting aside proportionate advertising dollars to attract women could pay off.

The Genesis Of Women's Sports Betting

Exposure to sports is where almost everything starts and there's been a generation of soccer, volleyball and softball moms who have in part given up a chunk of their lives to drive and watch their children play sports. Those women have seen their girls and boys grow up to have their own kids and the wheel of continued to turn.

This exposure has spawned interests and more women have become fans of teams and wanting to learn about the players. With sports betting entering more mainstream media outlets and women appearing on shows as experts or the hosts, this is the breeding ground for evolving interests in sports wagering.

Women Make Great Customers

One of the advantages of having women customers for betting on sports is they usually are more understanding and practical in that nobody wins all the time. Though the sample size is small, they are less drawn to emotions of the moment not winning and willing to give those a chance who they invested their money in a chance.

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Another aspect is they complain less about results and are more pragmatic in their thinking.

Willingness To Learn Matters

Because many women until more recently did not know how or where to find sports betting information that would be helpful, that held them back. But now with YouTube, Twitter and Google, their questions are more easily answered and they can find the answers they seek.

This has emboldened them to step out and find information to become better informed and this has increased their own level of knowledge and success.

Expect More, Not Fewer Women to Bet On Sports

Conservative estimates had the U.S. sports betting market doubling from 20 billion to 40 billion from 2009 to 2016. With the shackles coming off on a state by state basis, the latest estimates have the US market growing annually at 10 million per year starting in 2021 and climbing higher thereafter with close to all 50 states participating. Upwards of 15 percent will be women and that percentage will keep climbing.

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If you are a woman reading this, glad to have you here and thanks for taking the time and please comment on your experiences and how we can help. If you are a guy and know a female who would enjoy reading this and wants to learn more, pass it along, we would appreciate it.

There is nothing to suggest women betting on sports will someday be equal to men doing so, but the trend is definitely pointing upwards.