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GameAdvisers.com has just relaunched with an all-new sports investment service. In the sports handicapping industry, trust and transparency can be hard to come by. How many times has a handicapper claimed to have the next “Lock of the Century” or the next “Guaranteed 100 Unit NFL Pick” and then lost? It happens every single day in this industry. That’s why handicapping services (tout services) get such a bad name among bettors.

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How GameAdvisers Differs From the Competition

First off, it’s important to understand the multiple layers of the GameAdvisers handicapping service. Here are the features included with a membership:

AI Sports Picks

GameAdviser’s proprietary machine-learning sports prediction software analyzes the incoming bets at several bookmakers and then uses multiple algorithms to present the predictions from the top 1% of handicappers in every major sport.

GameAdvisers utilizes exclusive sharp betting data unavailable to other services.

The AI software is what GA is most proud of. They’ve been developing the software for multiple years and working on cracking the code of winning at sports betting consistently.

The team at GameAdvisers has found the best way. They’re able to track real-time bets from the top 1% of experts in their respective sports to build a “sharp consensus” of the day’s best bets.

Only the best bets, after being run through multiple algorithms, are released as system plays.

Tailing the AI-generated sports predictions is the best way to consistently build your bankroll, but if you want to increase your betting volume then you can also tail hundreds of professional bettors.

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Professional Handicapper Picks

GA track service plays from around the industry and post these picks to the platform. Anyone can track the performance of experts and view their complete betting history with return on investment (ROI) data that can be filtered by sport.

Some of the expert handicappers being tracked at GameAdvisers include Ben Burns, Larry Ness, Ray Monohan, Ron Raymond, Brandon Lee and Jimmy Boyd, among many others.

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In-House Expert Handicappers

GA has a team of internal sports handicappers. They have a “GA Expert” tag listed on their betting profile to help identify them. In order to remain on the team, handicappers are required to maintain consistent winning results.

While a lot of sports prediction services operate by selling single picks or single sport packages, GameAdvisers offers an all-encompassing platform with hundreds of picks published monthly.

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GameAdvisers Membership Plans

There are three membership plans currently available at GameAdvisers.

Free Membership:

Up to three AI system plays and access to all free sports picks.

Monthly Membership:

Access to the entire platform (AI picks, professional analysis, etc.).

Annual Membership:

Receive two months of free access when paying annually.

There’s a 10-day free trial with no restrictions or credit card required to join.

If you’re pleased with the service, the monthly fee is just $139 and the annual plan is $1399. If you compare that to paying $20-$50/pick, GameAdvisers clearly has the value edge.

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What Sports Leagues Are Covered by GA?

One negative with joining a single handicapper’s service is they often only focus on a single sport.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but to build up your betting volume, you’re going to need to join multiple sports handicapping services, which can quickly become uneconomical.

GameAdvisers has sharp betting data on every sport, albeit some are more popular than others.

From the Advice Center page, sports bettors can view GA’s record in every league.

For example, here are some of the most profitable sports at the time of publishing this review.

NFL 23.41 ROI

Overall Record

NBA 8.33% ROI

Overall Record

PGA 31.63% ROI

Overall Record

Some sports have very small sample sizes still, but the early data is promising.

GameAdvisers tracks the sharp consensus for all straight bets (moneyline, point spreads and totals) and they also track futures/props and provide this consensus data absolutely free.

Learn what future bets and prop bets the experts are betting on from the “Prop Picks” page.

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Full Transparency (Documented Sports Picks Archive)

Every sports prediction at GameAdvisers is tracked and documented.

When you visit the website, the last 30 days of graded picks are displayed on the Advice Center page, allowing anyone that wishes to track the exact results of the service.

There are separate tables for tracking straight bets and props. The results archive can also be filtered by sport or bet type if you want to see how the service is doing for a specific sport/bet.

GameAdvisers has built the service from the ground up with transparency in mind.

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Friendly Customer Support (24/7)

Phone Number: 1-877-662-2030

Email: [email protected]

Whether you have handicapping questions or membership queries, the customer service reps will gladly help. You can contact support through telephone or email.

There’s also a detailed FAQ page explaining every feature and answering common questions. They just implemented a live chat feature as well to provide faster support to members.

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Learn to Bet Like a Professional Handicapper in the Betting Academy

Want to become a better sports handicapper?

While most handicapping services only focus on publishing predictions, the team at GameAdvisers are building a community of sports bettors and they want to help you become a sharp.

They have a Betting Academy where sports bettors will be able to learn everything from how to bet to advanced probabilities/statistical models and then all topics in between.

Learn about bankroll management, optimal staking plans and advanced betting strategies.

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Is GameAdvisers Worth Joining?

Based on the early results of GameAdvisers 2.0 - the service is extremely profitable.

A lot of work has gone into building the best sports investment platform on the market. They have an in-house machine-learning software that’s fed with exclusive data from multiple partners.

They also present professional handicapper picks from some of the biggest names in sports.

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GameAdvisers Rating

Our final rating of GameAdvisers is 9.5/10 based on ROI and overall value.

Picks Accuracy: 9/10
Customer Service: 9.5/10
Transparency: 10/10
Market Coverage: 10/10
User Experience: 9/10
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GameAdvisers Advantages

Here are the advantages of using GameAdvisers:

1. Unrestricted access to hundreds of professional sports picks every month covering a wide range of sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, Soccer, PGA, eSports and more.

2. Pay one low monthly fee for access to the entire platform/community.

3. All of the AI-generated sports picks (system plays) are sent to members in real-time as soon as the pick is released through email, text (SMS) or directly on the website.

4. Proprietary sharp betting consensus. These percentages differ widely from your typical public betting percentages, as GameAdvisers derives the consensus from sharp bets only.

5. There’s no funny business, everything is tracked and the team is fully transparent. You won’t see words like lock or guaranteed. GameAdvisers are serious sports investors.

6. Lots of sports picks, betting data and strategies available to free members.

GameAdvisers Weaknesses

1. More focused on US sports markets than international markets, so therefore there aren’t as many expert sports predictions covering leagues outside of North America.

2. Some leagues still have very small sample sizes, but early results have been profitable.

3. Still needs to optimize the user experience, as new members may be initially confused about what exactly GameAdvisers is offering and how profitable the service is.

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