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ScoresAndStats Premium is our new in-house service that’s aimed at assisting sports handicappers. We provide exclusive data to sports bettors. Our new service doesn’t include sports picks.

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What Is ScoresAndState Premium?

Tired of searching for profitable sports handicappers and losing money in the process?

Nowadays, there’s so much betting data available that buying picks may not be worth it if you have a bit of time to handicap games on a daily basis. We want to help you do exactly that.

ScoresAndStates Premium provides members with an exclusive betting report for every NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL game. There’s also a report on all ranked NCAA football and NCAA basketball games.

Members will also receive betting reports on international soccer matches, such as the UCL.

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What’s Included in the Betting Reports?

We have exclusive data partnerships with various online sportsbooks.

We’re able to track this data to know how much money is being bet and on which team. Our reports include how much is being bet on the money line, point spread and game total.

We also track how many bets are being made on every game.

That’s not all.

We also separate the data into three categories, which are “total”, “public” and “sharp”.

This is data you’re not going to find anywhere else. Our algorithms track accounts to determine which accounts are profitable (sharp) and which accounts fit into the “public” category.

You can see exactly where the sharps are betting with our betting reports. With the way we break down the data, sports handicappers can also easily identify reverse line movement.

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Not all games will have sharp action. We’re not just making these numbers up. In the event there are no sharps betting on the moneyline, spread and/or total, there will be no “sharp” category shown.

ScoresAndStats Premium Membership Plans

Right now there’s a single membership plan.

You can join ScoresAndStats Premium at a very low introductory rate of just $.9.99/month. That will give you access to hundreds of monthly betting reports covering all of the major sports.

We’re also offering an annual discount. Join for one year at just $99.

Annual members will also receive some extra perks, such as access to what props and futures people are betting on at our data providers, which isn’t found anywhere else online.

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How Do I Access the Betting Reports?

Once you sign-up to become a ScoresAndStats Premium member, you’ll be able to access all of the daily betting reports from a simple page, which you can access here (SAS Premium).

We’ve made this new service as simple as possible to use.

We don’t want to fill the page with garbage that sports handicappers won’t use anyways.

Our premium service will give you the data you need to bet like the sharps. Keep in mind, sharps don’t win every night, but over the long-run, you’ll make money if you manage your bankroll.

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Contact Information

Like always, you can use the contact form to contact us 247.

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