Articles on Sports Betting Guide

Learn to Bet on Sports: What is a Pick’em?

It is important to know what a pick'em is

How to Make Money Betting on the NHL Playoffs

You will be surprised to see how many times the home favorite won in last year’s playoffs

Best sports betting sites

NHL Betting Vault: Value in Goalies

A hot goalie can almost single-handedly lead a team to victory

NHL Betting Vault: Three-Way Lines

Three-way NHL lines offer incredible value, and can help decide your wager

How to Bet NHL Adjusted Puck Lines

Get creative when betting on the NHL

How to Bet NFL Futures and Props

Get started betting NFL futures and props

A Sharp’s Guide to Betting College Basketball Totals

A quick "How To" bet college basketball totals

Offseason College Football Betting Tips

Just because it's the offseason, don't forget about NCAA Football futures, props, etc.

Using Advanced Stats to Bet NHL Games

Knowing the right stats helps you choose the right wagers.

The Importance of Reviews When Looking for a PPH Service

The right PPH Review is key before choosing a quality service.

Value Bets Using NHL Props

Betting NHL props can be very lucrative.

Technical Gambling Expertise With Price Per Player

Price Per Player is owned and operated by sports betting experts that come from an extensive background in online gambling.

Live Betting at Your Favorite Online Sportsbook

It is a new year which is the perfect time to take a whole new approach to betting on the games at your favorite online sportsbook. Most of the...

Finding the Real Value of Your Bettors

Bookies across the globe are looking for players of all shapes and sizes. What bookies must have is consistency. We all know how bookies make...

How to Bet On Sports | Betting NFL Postseason Futures

With 20 teams done for the season, the top four teams enjoying a week off and the other eight battling it out in the Wild Card Round of the...

How to Bet On Sports | Betting NFL Week 17

The final week of the NFL regular season is one last chance to bet on a number of NFL games. That could mean one last five-team parlay play or one...

How to Bet On Sports | Betting NBA Christmas Games

Just like Thanksgiving is a great betting day for the NFL and college football takes over New Year’s Day, the Christmas holiday belongs to the...

Pitch Your Players By the Season

Seasons are like players… they may come and go, and just like specific holidays in the year begin on a certain day and end by another, players may...

Making the Most of NFL Action With Price Per Player

The NFL season provides the biggest and best opportunity to make money as a private bookie. The range and scope of the sports betting world has...

Five Reasons To Be A Bookie Online With Price Per Head

To be a bookie online is easier today than it has ever been. Why is this? The answer is simple -- Price Per Head! A few years back you had to set...

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