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Point Spread

Over Under

Money Line

Odds to win 2020 World Series | Major League Baseball MLB

Team MyBookie Full Review Jazz Full Review betAnySports Full Review
New York Yankees - 350 400
Los Angeles Dodgers - 400 600
Houston Astros - 550 900
Atlanta Braves - 1200 1700
Washington Nationals - 1400 2000
Minnesota Twins - 1500 1800
St. Louis Cardinals - 1600 2500
Tampa Bay Rays - 1800 2200
Philadelphia Phillies - 1800 2800
New York Mets - 2000 2800
Milwaukee Brewers - 2200 4000
Chicago Cubs - 2500 2800
Boston Red Sox - 2500 3300
Cleveland Indians - 2500 3300
Cincinnati Reds - 3000 4000
Oakland Athletics - 3300 3300
Arizona Diamondbacks - 3300 5000
Chicago White Sox - 3500 3500
Los Angeles Angels - 3500 3500
San Diego Padres - 4000 4000
Toronto Blue Jays - 6600 12500
Texas Rangers - 6600 12500
Colorado Rockies - 15000 25000
San Francisco Giants - 25000 25000
Pittsburgh Pirates - 25000 30000
Seattle Mariners - 30000 30000
Baltimore Orioles - 100000 100000
Miami Marlins - 100000 100000
Kansas City Royals - 100000 100000
Detroit Tigers - 100000 100000

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Along with all of the odds and lines, you will find more information, such as a game preview and our GameCenter for every MLB game.

Each preview breaks down the matchup with valuable insight into teams’ current performance, highlights, and injury updates. The GameCenter takes the preview a step further and includes recent game histories, recent series histories, and other important betting trends.

Yet another bonus from Scores & Stats is MLB predictions for each game.

Receive free game predictions put together by a consensus of MLB experts. Again, the idea is to provide bettors with as much information as possible in an effort to promote sound, informed betting decisions.

In order to have success as a bettor, you need information. You need access to real-time betting odds and lines. You need access to the right information that can provide an edge against your sportsbook.

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