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Super Bowl LV | National Football League NFL

Team MyBookie Full Review Jazz Full Review
Kansas City Chiefs - 650
Baltimore Ravens - 700
San Francisco 49ers - 900
New Orleans Saints - 1100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1600
Seattle Seahawks - 2000
Philadelphia Eagles - 2000
New England Patriots - 2000
Green Bay Packers - 2000
Dallas Cowboys - 2000
Buffalo Bills - 2200
Pittsburgh Steelers - 2200
Los Angeles Rams - 2500
Cleveland Browns - 2800
Tennessee Titans - 2800
Indianapolis Colts - 2800
Minnesota Vikings - 2800
Chicago Bears - 3300
Los Angeles Chargers - 3300
Atlanta Falcons - 4000
Houston Texans - 4000
Denver Broncos - 4500
Las Vegas Raiders - 5000
Arizona Cardinals - 5000
New York Jets - 7000
Detroit Lions - 8000
New York Giants - 8000
Miami Dolphins - 8000
Carolina Panthers - 8000
Washington Redskins - 12500
Cincinnati Bengals - 12500
Jacksonville Jaguars - 12500

NFC Championship | National Football League NFL

Team MyBookie Full Review Jazz Full Review
San Francisco 49ers - 400
New Orleans Saints - 550
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 800
Philadelphia Eagles - 900
Seattle Seahawks - 1000
Green Bay Packers - 1000
Dallas Cowboys - 1000
Los Angeles Rams - 1400
Minnesota Vikings - 1400
Chicago Bears - 1800
Atlanta Falcons - 2200
Arizona Cardinals - 2500
New York Giants - 4000
Detroit Lions - 4000
Carolina Panthers - 5000
Washington Redskins - 6000

AFC Championship | National Football League NFL

Team MyBookie Full Review Jazz Full Review
Kansas City Chiefs - 300
Baltimore Ravens - 300
Pittsburgh Steelers - 1000
New England Patriots - 1000
Buffalo Bills - 1200
Tennessee Titans - 1500
Indianapolis Colts - 1500
Cleveland Browns - 1600
Los Angeles Chargers - 1800
Las Vegas Raiders - 2500
Denver Broncos - 2500
Houston Texans - 2500
New York Jets - 3500
Miami Dolphins - 3500
Cincinnati Bengals - 5000
Jacksonville Jaguars - 5000

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