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247 PPH Review

247pph.com is an offshore professional pay per head service. Even the long-time bettors who are uncomfortable betting offshore are finding it comfortable and attractive because of the convenience of playing online instead of via the phone. The agents are provided detailed reports on each of their customers so the agents can see how their players are betting in addition to having access to real-time figures whenever, day or night.The agents play one fee per week for their customers and are in charge of paying and collecting; 247pph takes no additional commissions. All major American sports are offered and there is live wagering on games daily. More than 100 horse tracks are available, with every bet type offered by the host tracks available for wagering.

Bonus Benefit
247pph offers its agents a four-week free trial to give the agents time to integrate their players and see exactly what the 247pph.com staff has to offer. If not happy, agents can move on, no questions asked. But most companies offer these trials because they're convinced that once you try them, you'll likely stay. 247Pph is no different in that aspect.

Bonus Description
The Player Management report is second-to-none. Check it out here: http://www.247pph.com/features/. By the time the first two weeks of the trial are over, agents will be able to go through the reports and do whatever they want – from setting credit and wager limits, allow or take away casino and/or horses, setting higher or lower limits from the call center to the internet, tracking payments, check weekly balances, show how many players were in action in a given week, see your real-time risk and even change the lines for your players if you want to lessen (or heighten) your exposure.