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If you’re looking to move into the bookie business or switch Pay Per Head providers, Pay Per Head should be at the top of your list of providers to explore. A leading name in the industry since 1997, you can trust these veterans with decades of experience under their belt.
PayPerHead has over 13,000 online bookmakers and 56,000 individual players who enjoy their industry-leading software on a daily basis. With features aplenty including a live digital casino, APS® agent payment solutions, and their exclusive TruLive® Wagering platform, PayPerHead ticks all the boxes of an A+ operation.
Perhaps their most useful feature might be the PayPerHead customer service and IT teams they employ. Be it a technical question, service issue or even just some general bookmaking advice, they have you covered. With year-round aid available 24/7, you will never be left waiting for answers from the long time GOAT of the Pay Per Head industry.

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It’s no secret that the main attraction of any PPH provider is the price point compared to the features offered. PayPerHead's pricing does a wonderful job of giving agents the most bang for their buck to keep profit margins at their highest. PayPerHead's services start at just 10.99 per player, each week. This weekly fee only applies to active players of course. Therefore you are only paying for accounts active during any given week. There are no hidden costs to be fearful of and their pricing breakdown is online for you to see exactly what you are paying for.

If you’re still on the fence, know that PayPerHead is offering their services with $3 PER HEAD FOR UP TO 3 MONTHS. That’s right. While major sports in the United States are suspended, you won’t pay a penny for their software when you open a new account.

This means you can still offer players access to the PayPerHead virtual casino, racebook and poker to wager on completely free of weekly fees. This gracious offer is running until September of 2020 and is far from your run of the mill ‘two week’s free’ that many competitors are running with.

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Much like an automotive company relies on its mechanical prowess to be successful, a PPH business relies on its software. In order to be a profitable bookmaker in the Pay Per Head world, the digital experience must be a breeze and PayPerHead's mobile betting platform does not disappoint.

The biggest advantage to PayPerHeads bookie software is just how easy it is to use and the option to customize just about everything. The advanced features of their software make it possible for you to change anything from odds to individual betting limits to blacking out specific events.

Not only does PayPerHead's software bring a slew of features but also rock-solid reliability. We all know the frustration of software trouble when trying to complete an important task. For bookmakers, this is especially important as the most impactful adjustments are those done as soon as news breaks.

Clients have the option to choose from either the ASI or DGS betting platforms. You can feel confident as this pair is well known as the best the American betting industry has to offer.


Bookmaking, as with any business, requires that owners keep track of the money going in and the money flowing out. This has traditionally been a daunting task requiring hours of sifting through tickets and money. Well long gone are those days if you have the right Pay Per Head software on your side. PayPerHead's reporting allows for all that and more. You already need to focus so much time on running a successful sportsbook, so why not let them handle the number crunching.

Reports can be customized to suit your specific needs and are the difference between a pro and amateur operation. Reports can tell you which sports you are getting bean on, which players are consistently winning and when your action is taking place. This information allows the savvy bookmaker to make adjustments on the fly in order to keep their business in the black.

With PayPerHead you will enjoy the best accounting and players reports on the market so you can stay on top of your players and your bankroll.


The user experience of any sportsbook is paramount to their success. PayPerHead agents ensure both themselves and their players enjoy a site that is easily understood and navigated. The quicker your clients get to the odds page the quicker their bets will be rolling in.

Not only is the PayPerHead online sportsbook experience a pleasurable one, but the streamlined design extends to the other portions of their site too. Whether your players want to focus on PayPerHead TruLive® Wagering, a state of the art online casino or the racebook, they will never struggle to find what they are looking for.

The basic idea is that PayPerHead offers its agents a true turnkey sportsbook at their fingertips. Your experience can be customized so that you can have as much, or as little work to do as you want. Agents can even create a user profile that allows a largely hands-off experience if desired. You can then focus your time more effectively on marketing your business and garnering new players

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After spending time researching and test driving PayPerHead's sportsbook software, we can highly recommend them to our readers. Their state of the art platform is bested only by their customer service department who truly make your life much easier.

PayPerHead's pricing structure is very competitive and when combined with the features offered, they provide a huge amount of value. With plans ranging from $10.99 to $13.00, PayPerHead is easy on the wallet and hard to pass up. It’s not every day you get to enjoy a Ferrari for the price of a Fiat.

Not only do they offer all the standard features you might expect from a PPH provider but they also have a number of proprietary extras to enjoy.

Their APS® Agent Payment Solutions allows you to make all your deposits and withdrawals in one place to keep cash moving. The TruLive® wagering platform they use offers up to 1000 events daily, including 70 live horse tracks.

The list goes on and on so if you want to learn more just hit up their website to have a live chat with one of their customer service reps.

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You can head over to their website at PayPerHead to live chat with an account specialist or call their toll-free number at 800-605-4767 if you are ready to start your very own online sportsbook.