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If you are in the bookmaking business, or have an interest in getting started, you might be wondering how you can do it in an economical fashion.Such a thing is indeed possible with a model called Price Per Head (PPH), which in effect gives you (and in turn, your customers) access to an interface exactly like that of the most formidable online sportsbooks and casinos in the world. And one of the most prominent companies in the field is Pelican PPH, active since 1997 and headquartered in Costa Rica.

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People who are newcomers to the PPH model are always surprised to find that it is actually quite cost-effective. The package offered by Pelican does not involve you having to lease software on a monthly basis. Rather, you have the software available for your players and you can pay a rate as low as $3 per player, per week. It's like a "pay only for what you use" situation.

There is a price break schedule. Up to 100 players, it is $10. And it works all the way up to $3 for 1001 players or more. Their basic package will include free horses, online casino and basic live wagering. Additionally, you can shop a-la-carte and choose from several high-end products like top tier online casinos, a modern live wagering system and even live streaming of all live sporting events.

With Pelican PPH, there are a number of payment methods with which to keep your account current - Bitcoin, person-to-person transfer or bank wire.

You can take a look at the demo with the click of a button on the website. You'll find it is a sharp, straight-forward, user-friendly interface.

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Your operation can have the look of an actual online sportsbook, offering all the major sports from around the world. And they use line-moving software, which allows you to customize lines - a nice feature.

You can offer exotics like parlays, teasers, round robins and more, along with props, futures, and various bets that take place for quarters, halves and so on. What's unique is that you can also give customers access to pools, squares, parlay cards and bracket contests.

The software allows for you to offer horse racing betting (all the major tracks are covered) as well as a full casino, so your customers don't have to go anywhere else to satisfy their need for action.

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This is where Pelican's PPH platform may shine the brightest. There is no more need to deal with documents or the "paper trail" which sometimes leads to costly disputes. You will literally have your entire operation right in front of you.

Just go to the back end, which you'll have exclusive access to, and at your disposal you will have complete player management and risk management, so you will not only have exact real-time figures on where each player stands with you (how much you'll have to pay or collect), but a specific picture of how much you have won or lost, or how much you have at risk on an overall basis.

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You can be up and running within an hour or so. You'll have all your stats from the very beginning. As for your players, they will have access to the sportsbook, racebook and/or casino. They can access it on a computer, smartphone (e.g., Android, iPhone, etc.) or tablet (iPad and others).

At the same time, you have control over what your customers can take part in. Whatever item or product category you want to restrict, you can.

At all times you will have access to the kind of stats and reports that are detailed above. Down time is not a real possibility, since Pelican PPH makes sure that through a system of backups, you always have the opportunity to get online and on your site, as do your players.

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Customer service is available on a 24/7 basis (English and Spanish). Here is the contact information to get in touch:

Telephone: 1-877-745-2303

Email: [email protected]