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Real Bookies Review

Realbookie.com is the leading offshore pay per head service. The company has the experience, technological know-how and infrastructure to handle all of the needs of its agents. Paying and collecting is all they have to do, because realbookies give detailed reports on each player to allow the agents to monitor their betting patterns. This perhead office has everything and more that any offshore sportsbook in the world has to offer. Realbookie.com takes no commission; there is just one flat rate for all of the offering – which includes all major American sports and others, including cricket and darts. Horses, casino, and live in-game wagering are all also included under the realbookie tree.

Bonus Benefit
Realbookies gives agents two free weeks to start a trial run using the service.. If you decide that for whatever reason, the agent is unsatisfied, then they can pull the players out at no charge. Assuming, however, that they choose to stay on, they can earn another two weeks free after the first payment. That's four free weeks in all.

Bonus Description
Agents who use realbookies.com can enter into contests such as the “Last Man Standing”, which is available to all active agents. Any contest winnings can be rolled over and used as comp money to pay fees.

Other Features
Some offices talk the talk, but with 15-plus years in the business and more than 1,000 active agents, Real Bookie walks the walk. The software is fully customizable and the agents have the ability to change the lines on any games where their players are “drowning” them to one side if they are uncomfortable with the position, rather than having to lay off. Agents only pay for active players, and the mobile betting interface is one of the smoothest of all sportsbooks. Both DGS and ASI software options are available, so agents can choose which they prefer.


Payment Methods

Bonus Description

two free weeks