The Harding Bison is a Division II team that plays in the Great American Conference. They went 5-22 last season and were an awful basketball team. If you are an awful basketball team in Division II and could only find 5 wins against absolute nobody’s. then it’s pretty much a guarantee that you are going to lose huge to any Division I team. These guys lost to teams such as Ouachita and Henderson State, and no we have no idea who those people are (no offense to any alumni); the point is this is another exhibition game. This game is entirely for fun and if you do find a line on it, bet the daylights out of Louisiana Tech. LA Tech is certainly no powerhouse basketball program but they do have talent and they have already put together the biggest upset of this very short college basketball season with the programs biggest win in history, against Wichita State. Tech has beaten Wichita and Sam Houston. Wichita was a very big deal and a huge win for anybody, let alone a smaller program. The Sam Houston win was one they should have won. 

TV: 7:30 PM ET LINE: See Intertops for up to date lines and odds 

ABOUT HARDING (2018/19 0-2): Harding has not played a Division I school since 2011. They have no experience in this arena whatsoever and they will get destroyed in this game. What this comes down to is how bad will LA Tech want to embarrass these guys? This is good practice for the Bulldogs and that means they will do just that, practice. The starters will be out after the first half and all 12 on the roster should get a chance and a crack at showing off any skill they may have. If nothing else, Harding can use this game to evaluate talent and who makes the roster for the rest of the season. 

ABOUT LOUISIANA TECH (2018/19 2-0): The Bulldogs are now a team on a mission and they have something to prove to themselves, if not the rest of the NCAA Division I basketball. They clearly made a statement against Wichita State and if they want to be taken seriously, there will be no letdown. They must keep up the pace against a team that has no business in the same gym with them. Harding should have no chance at even keeping this one kind of close. With players like Amorie Archibald and Anthony Duruji, they should be able to establish an early lead and never look back. Again, the outcome of this one and the final score all boils down to how to dab the Bulldogs are willing to embarrass the Bison. This could easily be an 80 point win or a 30-50 point win. 


1. Look for 40+ fast break points from LA Tech.

2. Look for complete domination of the paint, as well as from the arch.

3. This game will be out of reach at halftime.

PREDICTION: LA Tech 105, Harding 55  Bet Now

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Team Name

Reggie Anthony
JV Long
Colin Hale
Adam Horn
Gojko Djokovic
Romen Martin
Alex Francis
Tyler Moore
Gabriel Divic
Tyler Roth
Brandon Reeves
Jordan West

Team Name

Oliver Powell
Amorie Archibald
Derric Jean
Anthony Duruji
Exavian Christon
Kyle McKinley
Stacey Thomas
JaColby Pemberton
Ra'Shawn Langston
Kale Walters
Mubarak Muhammed

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