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Paris Saint Germain vs. Bayern Munich Pick & Prediction APR 7TH 2021

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Bayern Munich vs Paris Saint Germain, a series of quarters with the scent of a final

On Wednesday, April 7, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain will play the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League. A match where the best team from Germany will face the best from France. A match that promises to conquer the eyes of lovers of the round. A game that is already starting to play.

Bayern Munich's path

In Group A of the Champions League, Bayern Munich shared a zone with Diego Simeone's Atlético Madrid, who finished second, Red Bull Salzburg of Austria and Lokomotiv Moscow. The reigning Champions League champion finished at the top of the group with 16 points.

In the round of 16, the cast of Hans-Dieter Flick had, in the previous one, the difficult task of ruling out Lazio. On paper, it was very simple: 4 to 1 in Italy, 2 to 1 in Germany and the possibility of reaching the quarter-finals.

Paris Saint Germain's path

Paris Saint Germain, who has just lost the last Champions League final, started this year's dream in Group H where they shared a zone with Leipzig, Manchester United and Istanbul Ba?ak?ehir FK.

In the round of 16, the most important cast of France had the difficult mission of leaving out Lionel Messi's Barcelona. In the first leg match, which was played at the Camp Nou, PSG scored 4 for the Blaugrana team. In the return, it was a 1-1 draw to get into the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Record. The closest antecedent: the 2020 Champions League final

In the quarterfinals of the Champions 2021, the two teams that played the final of the 2020 edition in Lisbon, Portugal will face each other. The match was played on August 23 last year and it was Bayern Munich who won by the minimum.

Paris Saint Germain played a great role, had very clear situations at the feet of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé until Kingsley Coman appeared to break the scoreboard forever. The cast of Germany won their fifth Champions League and again made it clear that they have an army of robots.

Important data: casualties for this duel

Bad news for Bayern Munich. The cast of Germany communicated on their social networks through a statement that Robert Lewandowski suffered a stretch in the ligaments of his right knee and will be low for at least the next 4 weeks.

Against this background, the striker who has scored 288 goals in 325 Bayern games will not be available to the coach for the Champions League quarter-final clash against Paris Saint Germain.

On the other side, everyone is waiting for Neymar. After a few long weeks injured, in something that has already become a constant in him, on March 21 he entered 20 minutes in the clash against Lyon, a duel that PSG won with so many from Mbappé, Pereira and Ángel Di María.

It is speculated that Ney could be from the start in the Champions League quarter-final clash against Bayern Munich. The crack of the Brazilian National Team failed to be against Barcelona in the round of 16 due to injury.

Bayern Munich, the favorite in the bookmakers

In the different dialogues that are heard in the groups of friends about this match, Bayern Munich is the favorite to stay with the series against Paris Saint Germain. By much difference? No, in two more than even matches.

However, in the bookmakers, the supremacy of the last Champions League champion is total. To give you an idea, on average on online betting sites, Paris Saint Germain pays 3.40 while the whole of Germany pays 1.95. Yes, a lot of difference.

Betting on exact results is my favorite. Bayern's 1 to 0 pays 11 to 1, 1 to 1 8.25 to 1 and 2 to 0 in favor of PSG 21 to 1.

Another interesting odd is: 6.25 the bet that there will be only one goal in the match.

Why shouldn't Bayern Munich be given as a wide favorite?

We are going to tell you or try to explain why we consider that the bookmakers should not give Bayern Munich as a wide favorite. We do understand and even share that he has a better chance than Paris Saint Germain to get into the semi-finals of the Champions League, but it will be a real battle.

First, because the German club suffered a significant loss such as Robert Lewandowski, while Paris Saint Germain is confident of arriving with a full Neymar.

In addition, there is one more important point: the thirst for revenge. Paris Saint Germain has just lost the last Champions League final against Bayern Munich. What better revenge than to leave out the team that beat you in the next edition? This point can be key.

Finally, remembering this final that we mentioned, Bayern were not much superior to the whole of France. What's more, the clearest were on the feet of Mbappé and the forward of the Brazilian National Team.

The Magnifying Glass on...

On the Bayern side and with the absence of their historic scorer, we are risking it for the experience of the German Thomas Muller, who we believe can make a difference.

In the French team we put the chips on Kylian Mbappé, the forward figure in the French league and also a born scorer.

Let's play too: let's make a bet

In this beautiful world of gambling, we too allow ourselves to gamble. We're going to make an unrealistic bet on how we think this series is going to end: let's see, we want to think. Ready, we got it.

The first leg match to be played in Germany will give us an equality. And what will happen in the return? Let's put a bomb: Paris Saint Germain will eliminate Bayern Munich because they will beat them by one goal. It's just a game. Do you think like us?

The other Champions League quarter-final crossovers are:

Manchester City vs Borrusia Dortmund

Porto vs Chelsea

Real Madrid vs Liverpool

There is little left for one of the games of the year, in which the price of both schools amounts to billions of dollars. A great game. A clash of great teams. An anticipated final.

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