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Universidad de Chile vs. Colo Colo

Another exciting edition of the Chilean Superclásico awaits us this Sunday 7/31, the day in which the University of Chile directed by Luis Diego López will face the very strong Colo Colo led by Gustavo Quinteros. The present of both teams is quite different if we consider that La U is fighting not to reach the relegation positions and El Cacique is more concerned about continuing to add to cling even more to the top of the championship.

The immediate pursuer of Quinteros is Ñublense with 36 units, just 3 less than El Colo. Meanwhile, on the side of the U the panorama looks difficult, since they are 4 points from the relegation zone and they must add at least 1 unit to not get more complicated in the face of the busy matches that lie ahead.

Last 10 Universidad de Chile matches

"Irregularity" is perhaps the word that best defines Universidad de Chile, a team that despite having good performances has not been able to win 2 games since February 12, when they beat Antofagasta 2-1 after having beaten Union La Calera by 2-4 at home. In fact, so irregular is that the only consecutive results they had are the 2 losses in the most recent games they played, losing 0-1 to Ñublense and 1-0 to O'Higgins. There is no doubt that Luis Diego López is not capable of finding a way around the team and achieving the regularity that the fans crave. Contrary to all Liga Chile predictions, in their last 10 games they have won 4, lost 4 and tied 2.

Although in the domestic tournament they are not able to settle down, in the Copa Chile they have complied with what was indicated by the sports betting after beating Velásquez 4-3 on aggregate, for which in the next phase they will play against the always difficult Cobresal. In the last 10 matches, they have scored 13 goals and conceded 12, which leaves a minimally positive balance of 1 goal in favor.

Last 10 Colo-Colo matches

On the contrary, it seems that life is smiling on Colo Colo, and it is because they have not known the local defeat since that 10/4 when they fell to Unión Español 2-1 at home. However, in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana they have left a lot to be desired, since, although in the first leg they achieved an important 2-0 advantage against Internacional, in the second leg they were beaten after suffering a very tough 4-1 against, which left them out because of the 4-3 aggregate. After the first leg, the sports predictions said that Colo Colo qualified, but unfortunately they were not able to maintain the advantage and returned to Chile in the round of 16. Of the 10 most recent games they have won 5, tied 3 and lost 2, both curiously against Brazilian teams.

In the Chile Cup they do obey sports forecasts, since they were in charge of dispatching Temuco with a 1-5 aggregate. They come from chaining 3 consecutive victories, which places them as serious candidates to win the match and also the championship if they continue like this. In the last 10 they converted 18 goals and suffered 11, achieving a positive balance of +7 goals.

Background between both

The history of this Chilean superclassic shows a notable paternity in favor of El Cacique, since after 239 official matches played, they won 109, drew 68 times and Los Laicos took the victory in the remaining 62. One thing that worries university fans a lot is that they haven't beaten El Eterno at home since 2013, but they have all their hopes that this time they will be able to break that bad streak, even though the Liga Chile forecasts say otherwise.

The magnifying glass on...

For the Blues, Uruguayan center forward Cristian Palacios will undoubtedly be the team's main threat against the rival goal. This is because we are talking about a fairly fast player who finds it easy to score, and therefore he is the team's top scorer so far this season ahead of the other striker Ronnie Fernández.

For its part, El Colo can boast of having more and better scorers in the Chilean First Division, as Juan Martín Lucero is fighting for the top positions by reaching 9 goals, while Gabriel Costa follows closely with 6. Unfortunately for them, they already They do not have the presence of the spicy Solari, a recent addition to River Plate.

Sports bets

The always sought after sports bets indicate a fairly strong favoritism towards Colo Colo, since his direct winner odds are quoted at 1.65, the tie at 3.5 and the university victory is at 5.6. If you are a fan of La U and you trust your team, you can well take the double chance “Universidad-tie”, since it pays almost 2.2. That both teams score is a real possibility, and you will be able to find that pick at a value of 2. The pick “Universidad de Chile +0.5 goals” is quite interesting, because if they score only 1 goal you will have already won it, and that is in 1.72.

Upcoming matches

The next 10 games that the Blues will play are against: Unión Española (V), Curicó Unido (V), they will play the Chile Cup at Cobresal's home and after locals, Universidad Católica (L), Coquimbo (L), Palestino ( V), Audax Italiano (L), La Serena (V), and will host Everton

As for El Popular, they will compete against: Deportivo Antofagasta (L), Palestino (L), for Copa Chile first visiting Ñublense and then receiving them, Unión La Calera (V), Unión Española (L), Cobresal (V) , Catholic University (L), Curicó Unido (L), and Coquimbo (V).

The fixture of both teams can be altered in case they beat their respective rivals in the Copa Chile.

Television and schedules

Chile: TNT Sports Stadium, TNT Sports Go, TNT Sports HD, TNT Sports 2


Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay: 2:30 p.m.

Bolivia, United States, Paraguay and Venezuela: 1:30 p.m.

Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru: 12:30 p.m.

Spain: 7:30 p.m.

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